It is God’s guardianship that Kandrusevich returned to Belarus

Minsk Cathedral was packed for a long time before the event. And many people who came to greet Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, meet him on the street. On the big screen outside broadcast and solemn mass. Festive entrance to the sounds of bells and singing choirs and began the ceremony, took the floor first apostolic nuncio Martin Vidovic:
"The Holy Father Benedict XVI proclaimed Archbishop Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz ekselentsyyu it."
Martin Vidovic also handed a letter of Pope Benedict XVI, which was read in Latin and whiteRussian languages. In Latin and also passed all Belarusian mass.
Metropolitan Archbishop called to serve the development of spirituality
After, as the new head of the church personally greeted all Belarusian priests and nuns took the floor Kondrusiewicz. He called for the cooperation of the clergy, faithful, youth, academics, journalists, government officials. Sensual speech applause interrupted a couple of times:
"All this will serve not only the development of spirituality, but also become a significant contribution to the development of the Belarusian culture.

"I appeal to the representatives of state power: the church and the authorities are called to serve one purpose — good man."

I also remember the ADA of prisoners passing, migrants and refugees. I appeal to the representatives of state power: the church and the authorities are called to serve one purpose — good man. "
Role in the ceremony was also attended by the leaders of the U.S. embassies, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, representatives of diplomatic missions, Sweden, Slovakia and many other countries. Also bishops from many countries, representatives of different confessions in Belarus.
Bishop Seraphim Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz congratulated on behalf of Metropolitan Filaret. Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs Leonid Gulyako read greetings from Alexander Lukashenko. Kondrusiewicz welcomed all in 10 languages and the end of again Pronunciation:
"Which of us would hope that such celebrations can happen on this earth? But this celebration and others they say that God is able to write just on curves. What God puts them on the last point."
The solemn ceremony was graduated religious hymn "God Almighty", sung by almost all present.
"At this point in Belarus is a man who can captivate all together for mutual understanding"
Talk to participants celebrations Milinkevich and Stanislav Shushkevich.
Reporter: "What are your memories of this holiday and the fact of the return of Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz?"
Milinkevich: "I think it’s God’s guardianship that Kandrusevich returned to Belarus. I know that so many people were praying for it. Decent man, sincere, open, for such person go hunt. He did not lie. "
Shushkevich: "You know, memories already difficult to express. Fact I know very long Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. And I wish to say that he was always a perfect priest, bishop perfect. But what I saw and heard now eclipsed all expectations. I think currently in Belarus is a man who can captivate all together for unity, mutual understanding. Without violence and barbarism, nobody humiliating. I ecstatically. "

Kondrusiewicz was born January 3, 1946 in the village Adelsk near Grodno. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and physically Grodno Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Institute of Leningrad. Worked as an engineer at the Vilnius factory owns the copyright claims. In 1976 Kondrusiewicz entered the Theological Seminary in Kaunas, where he graduated in 1981, received priestly ordination. In 1981-1988 he served as vicar in various churches in Vilnius. Since 1988 — the rector of the parishes of Grodno.
In 1989, John Paul II proclaimed Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz Admin Minsk diocese for Catholics in Belarus. In less than 18 months bishopric was founded by Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz Grodno Higher Theological Seminary, opened 97 to inactive churches, began the publication of religious literature in the Belarusian language.
From 1991 until November 2007 he worked in Moscow, ruled by the Conference of Bishops Russian Church Federation. He holds a doctorate in theology, a member of the International Academy of Eurasia. Knows Belarusian, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, British, Italian.

Kondrusiewicz officially took over as head of the Belarusian Catholics 10.11.2007 Kondrusiewicz counts on the concordat between the Vatican and Belarus 8.11.2007 Kondrusiewicz vorachivaetsya to lead the Belarusian Church 26.09.2007

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