Its time to get out of SShAshki

One reader, who returned to Russia after years of living in the United States, he turned to me with a request to tell you about what prompted him to abandon the "American Dream" and to take up permanent residence in our most important but modest country …

The theme this you in my development was the following — "why life in the United States was not to your liking, and you come back?" One hundred times I opened and closed vkontakte our dialogue with three or four short messages in it. Suddenly, a familiar idiom of Russian speech — not fancy — a ray of sunlight flashed on the screen of my laptop. You know, maybe there is no such person in the United States, which would seriously make such decisions, as the residence of his soul. In general, for many there is the word soul — a rare guest in the lexicon, it is very rare. Once on our television was broadcast, "one to one", and in one of the tours you had to guess the most popular answer to a question given by people from the street. If I guessed under what circumstances Americans pronounce the word "soul", I would say that in the first place — repeating the priest of the local church, the second — repeating the lyrics in which the word occurs, and the third — in a musical context, soul as a genre of music …
It's time to get out of SShAshki

Hear my soul … If you can, it is a great happiness for me. And, apparently, no need to burden the mind for the majority of the states. The main reason why I left the U.S., leaving the coveted for someone of my friends work truckers and regular visits to California, New York, and other such famous places, is that my life has lost its meaning in the states. No benchmarks and goals that would have responded to my heart. Moreover, the degree of irritation from bubbling around me every day of the circus freaks reached the point that I just felt, attack Russia now this land a nuclear warhead, I gratefully apprehend such an end. What scanty and insignificant for human task — to surround yourself with things that are popular. The penetration of this problem in mind the people around me was something absolute, a quality I have not seen anywhere in anything, even the most ardent patriot of Russia is not as patriotic as sick materialism average American teenager.

Also, the constant suffering I caused the inability to speak with someone from the heart. Turns out, it is not that expensive, it gives you a sense of life. If you have not yet become an American. I have a gut-wrenching from the monotony of the urban landscape of Chicago, the city where I lived. At some point, a northern suburb of Chicago under the name of Skokie seemed to me to the hospital with the same smooth shell of the building, one color, one type is not more than three stories. Straight neat trotuarchiki on which the United States wants enthusiasts peshogo stroke and homeless. By the way, they are made very narrow to a series could not go more than two people. Black guys (negros), which in the beginning I was washing cars on the west side of the city, told me that this is done in such a way that people were not going in droves and it was easier to control them … In general topic of incubation there unwittingly attends the mind of every free man. If he had been in the U.S., it will be difficult to take a deep breath after a year or two, when all illusions fly away quick riches and the initial adrenaline conqueror of America runs out … Once I started talking about the things that the U.S. government is doing to the rest of the world on behalf of the Americans had it on a truck stop where the obese freaks (in the medical sense) truckers charged with junk and fast diesel. American, which I started to say these things, and made the round eyes, expressive, looking for a headset attached to those my clothes, said, "Your phone can be turned off, but they can still hear everything you say." Fear of the average American to the government and the law is comparable only with the fear of the ancient Israelite before the violation of commandments — is irrational, beyond any reasoning and argument. The U.S. "I do not want to have any problems with this" will meet Russian man almost every day, you count hundreds of situations in which you say it before you stop trying to persuade someone to do a little wrong, as they have been taught — they say that it is always dangerous. It all smells of incubation, it looks like you're living in a children's camp with a very, very strict teachers.

More on the mind climbs Dunno on the Moon with the island of fools and oh how that Santika need wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Free in the states only air. Another point which gives us an incredible depression and thoughts of everyone around is controlled — the lack of social space. No yards. There is no common area other than parking for cars and sidewalks where people see each other, hurrying to miss each other at the wide arc, accompanying this maneuver is the porcelain of a smile. All shot on camera. If you're in the city, but very very sleeping quarters, your every move will be filmed. If you are traveling by car on the toll road (and there are, in general, more than free), the passage of time and place of your car will be fixed. You are under the hood. You can see as you move off from the house, drive through the street by street, get off the Highway. Oh you know everything, can anyone hear your conversation and see everything you do online and real life. But it's okay, you can tolerate, but do not like very much! Now, about those who are in the United States to live well. Taboo topic, talk about it in order to confuse. Once in the adult society has people who are at the moment rehearsing scenes for WHC-Chicago Comedy Club (nostalgia for the "Union" is not leaving them), I blurted out without any reason at all, for the sake of testing the reaction, that according to the the early 80's, every 12th American — Mason (read the other day in a Russian-language book, which took in a public library there, in Skokie). Easy hitch, irritated eyes, and no response except for this. Since this test did not give me to understand how truthful statistics given in the book, I decided to look for another. And came across a Masonic lodge right under his nose. In two svetaforah from my home in Skokie, at the intersection of Lincoln ave and Gross Point. If interested, try to open it in google maps, then put the figure of a man just west of the intersection at Lincoln ave, this building is directly behind the store 7/11 — Skokie Massonic Center. Typical for such establishments emblem of the square and compasses nalichistvuet. As it turned out, when I got to go all over the states, the same symbol and a similar sign can be found in almost every town in the United States, almost always in the center of the city, is almost always next to or across the street from the bank. So, without a certain degree of initiation obtained in these structures, the success in the U.S. is almost impossible. It to you (povyaschenie) offer, when they see that you have ambition for something more than satisfied with the majority of guests, ability to do something. And offer this: you can, by chance, in a nightclub, all of a sudden, get to know the person who will tell you that it is taken in the first degree Masons dedication, and he is happy. Then you can say that, too, would like to join the slender ranks of the Freemasons, and you can just congratulate the people and not to go into it from what is unlikely to ever be able to prove. And this is another reason why I came back — the feeling that no order to become "his" sense of effort will not be. And to become "his" here, we must stop being their for their country, even fictitiously married to an American, and it is not to my liking.

It is not for the soul to be lower grade. The lie that the money in the United States do all and can give you the status. As a lone trucker I was earning quite well, two times more than the average American, and at some point could not afford much of what a family man in the States — a luxury, or another loan. For example, at times a big tip at a restaurant or impulsive purchase some trifle in three road. At no time like kozyryanie their capabilities are not increased my credibility in the eyes of the "natives." No matter how well you did not speak English, developed for American higher education, and work with a salary of 100,000 a year, you'll be a bit of a funny animal, learn the habits of men. And for his less wealthy fellow — competitor bastard who probably illegally working for nothing and takes away his ability to get good money for their work. Perceive you have something they can not afford, because of the ideology of the total, absolute materialism and the superiority of the "American Progress" over the "progress" of all the other countries of the world.

Do not like the way Americans to each other. Typically, in a medium color (Hispanics, blacks, Asians …) white descendants of the British and the Jews, who formed a spike, called the Americans behave the way that they feel the difference from all the rest. It's funny how with all the buzz about tolerance and other nonsense about equality of rights and opportunities "black" is still working on the lowest-paid and rough work, such as cleaners and security guard at the plant. Then there are Latinos (mostly Mexicans), they may have to sit in the building of the plant, for example, treating the primary documentation or working in a warehouse (black at this stage, too, may not be enough). Further, conventionally, are natives of China and Korea, the managers, and then, on top of the chain, stands a Jew or a Briton. All this does not work as hard and fast rule in every business, but over the years so rubbed into his brain repeated story that you do not notice this explicit denial of all the cries for democracy, equality and so on fornication tolerant mind. Already arrived I noticed it, and the ethnic division of labor in Russia, but there is no denying it. What are the Americans, these are not colored, to each other when there is no color? How bequeathed our Ales Rosenbaum, or the American way, Ayn Rand, which they have there in such high esteem that it is something in life and did not dream, I guess. Treat each other with hatred and envy, a huge grain of salt, as the wolf the wolf, which for some reason you can not suddenly become just-cut each other's throats, and therefore can only be rock (smile) and a quiet, desirable melodious roar. Their emotions at the same time it is necessary to hide, but everyone knows that every nenavilit each other and this is right, this is why America is better off than other countries, that's why each of them that hate the soul lives better than humane dupes. And that I did not like. 

So many things I had to do not like in the U.S., I'm afraid I can not close the list of those things for a long time, but it's good that he started. "

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