Ivashkevich addressed to the Belarusian delegation in the U.S.

Prince Ivashkevich not sure Belarusian politicians who are in the U.S., there is a common position on the elections to the House of Representatives, to be held no later than illumine 2008:

We can not go to the polls, if not met three of mandatory conditions: the release of political prisoners — once …

"I wanted to bring the information at least the 1st of Governors of the BPF. My suggestion is — we need to sound a specific plan for subsequent year. We can not go to the polls, if not met three of mandatory conditions: the release of political prisoners — again. Tolerance of opposition representatives in election commissions (first, in the precinct) — two. And registration of opposition candidates — three.
Without implementation of these criteria, we will not participate in the elections and declare that this election farce.
That’s the main thing, I think, was necessary voice at meetings in America. "
Ask the emperor Ivashkevicha whose position is?
"At the present day it is a position Ivashkevich. Neither BPF party represented by the managing party, or UDF in the face of all the eigenvalues of Governors announced its own clear position — under what criteria they participate in elections, and under what — do not participate. And if you do not vote, so who does. "
Some political analysts have attributed the occurrence of the letter to Congress BPF, which is scheduled for December 8-9. And where Viktor Ivashkevich going to run for the post of head of the BPF. That reflects on this occasion Ivashkevich Emperor himself?
"And after the election, the question I raise, remains. Remains as BPF party, the United Democratic Forces must clearly articulate their positions. Zeal to avoid sharp corners, the desire somehow to hide his position leads to the fact that it becomes incomprehensible. And because I think we should construct their positions clear and not hide them in generalities. "
Now, by the way, during a telephone conversation with the monarch Lebedko which is in Washington, I asked about his reaction to the letter Ivashkevich. Co-Chair of the Political Council of the UDF replied that he had not yet received said sheet.

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