Jackie Chan called the United States the most corrupt country in the world

Movie star Jackie Chan has angered the U.S. media, saying the Chinese television that the U.S. is the most corrupt country in the world. "If we talk about the world of corruption, then it does not mention the U.S., which in this issue ahead of the entire planet!" — said the star of "Rush Hour" in the air of Phoenix TV.

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"What is the source of the global crisis, the cause of the decline of the public? Of course, the United States! " — the actor said in response to a question broadcaster. While accompanying his speech with violent gesticulation, he talked about the global financial crisis, which were the cause of the United States.

Comments actor condemned foreign Washington Post columnist Max Fisher, having noticed in their anti-American rhetoric caused severe situation in China.

"As far as Chan's comments are anti-American, so they reflect public opinion in China over the United States. This opinion is based not so much on the relationship between the two countries, but on the excessive ambition, and sometimes the complexes of the Chinese side ", — He said.

Jackie Chan also said that China is a relatively young country, which for centuries "suffered many" and only in the last decade has achieved some success.

The actor also added that many fear China, because today he is strong. Country learns a lot and constantly evolving.

Chan, known for his martial arts and daring stunts, suffered a critical attack in December last year, when he told reporters Chinese Journal that the protests in Hong Kong should be limited.

"People criticize the government and the country. They are protesting on any occasion, " — he said, adding that the unlimited freedom leads to chaos. In the same interview, the actor said that in his youth for fear of persecution Hong Kong triads, was forced to wear a gun, and later emigrated from the country.


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