Jacques Attali on the transformation of the family

"Families, I hate you! Private home, curtained windows, jealously guarded happiness! "
Andre Gide — French author and Nobel Prize winner for literature, pederast.

Jacques Attali — one of the leading theorists of globalization and the "new world order". He was the chief adviser to the president of France, was led by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a member of the Bilderberg Club

… In 1948, published the results of a study conducted by Dr. Kinsey — about the sexual practices of Americans. It was found that 95% of Americans are guilty of committing one or more sexual aggression covered by the laws of 1940. 37% of adult men have had at least once a sexual relationship with a representative of the same sex. Freedom of manners takes global thanks to the cinema, which is starting to affect the rest of the world, praising the ideal of monogamous love.

The liberalization of sexual activity accelerated in the 1950s, thanks to two inventions that go unnoticed. The first is the turntable (record player), which allows for the first time in the history of the young men and women to meet and dance without the presence of their parents. At the same time the introduction of blended learning in schools completes the process of liberalization of mores and approval of the right to love without marriage.

Then came the real revolution: in the early 1950s in a Mexican laboratory obtained the pill. In 1960, they go on sale in the U.S.. These pills affect the natural menstrual cycle of women: synthetic hormones prevent ovulation. Now you can love and make love without the risk of unexpected birth of children. The Catholic Church at first resisted this innovation, but then, not wanting to lose the flock, was forced to admit that human love is wider than the concept of "Christian family."

In 1965, the Ecumenical Council of the Vatican for the first time admitted that marriage exists not only for procreation, but also for the love and happiness of the spouses: "The Christian family, founded on the basis of marriage and has become the embodiment of love and a way alliance that unites Christ and the Church proclaims to the presence of the Savior of all people in the world and the true purpose of the church, welcoming not only the love of the spouses, their care for the offspring, cohesion and loyalty to family hearth, but also the friendly cooperation of all its members ". Changed the Catholic ritual of reciprocity of feelings is not confirmed in the answers to the questions of the priest, and the dialogue Suite — as Shakespeare imagined, and it was in the early centuries of Christianity.

In 1966 he published the book «Human Sexual Response» medics Masters and John, sheds new light on questions of love seduction, sexual activity and physiological aspects of coitus. In different societies, the behavior of the lovers has not undergone major changes, and only a kiss with tongue in her mouth penetration partner who seems so natural in the West, in China, the Arab world and in India, was virtually unknown in Africa, until there came the Europeans. However, the authors show that the lower the social status of the spouses, the less pleasure they get from marital sexual relations.

In 1968, young people all over the world expressed by means of music and his rebellious behavior of the right to love and to receive "pleasure without entanglement", while Pope Paul II strongly condemns contraception as "unworthy of human violation of the order." But very few people listen to the advice of the pope in the field of sex: the entire planet gradually law allows the use of contraceptives and abortion. As a result of population growth is slowing, though still impressive (1,000,000,000 in 1800, 2,000,000,000 in 1930 and 4,000,000,000 in 1974).

All over the world, with the exception of some Islamic territories, laws continue to exempt a woman from subjection to men. In France, the full equality of the spouses is legally only in 1970. And since 1975, adultery and voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) is no longer considered an offense.

Along with sexual freedom have more opportunities to talk about love, at the same time there is a slight cooling to marriage. In place of the notion of "family" comes the concept of "parental project". Rising divorce statistics.

The church, which is listened to less and less, does not cease, however, to protect the old concept of monogamy, which the people of the South perceive as Western concept imposed on them by the colonialists. In 1980, Pope Jean-Paul II says in Africa, a speech in which he argues that the concept of "monogamy" was not born in the West and the Middle East, specifically the Jews:"Monogamy — the phenomenon of non-Western, a Semitic origin. This is — an expression of interpersonal relationships in which each recognizes and respects the value of his partner and his personality as a whole ". Dad said, moreover, that everyone should have "moments of solitude with God," communication "from heart to heart" when a spouse ceases to be the main object of attention and care. "

In the mid-1980s, the liberalization of morals has been suspended with AIDS, but it was suspended, while keeping its essence. Love was a complex phenomenon, and even threatening because it can lead to death. Everywhere in the world realized this bleak prospect, and people are starting to protect themselves. The exception is Africa, where the Catholic church does not offer participants a Christian marriage is no prevention, other than adultery.

In France and some other countries in the process of eliminating the rule of men in marriage slows down. Only in 1990, women were no longer given an oath to obey "family debt", and since 1992 the violence committed by a spouse against spouse, is considered a serious violation of the law. Globally gradually recognized the equality of the sexes — at least on paper — and during the UN conference in Beijing (September 1995), the word 'sex' in official international documents has been replaced by the word "race." This entailed, in particular in the U.S., the unexpected consequences for undergraduate programs and teaching career.

Today, in most of the Muslim, Hindu and animist of marriage is polygamous, and the role of men in it dominant. This can be considered a return to the old traditions and customs, but the marriage is not religious. In most cases, it remains amicable deal. Around a third of the cases, the bride is not a minor, and sometimes agree to the marriage before the birth of the bride.

In some countries, the wearing of the burqa is widely practiced in order to protect young girls and women from the corrupting influence of the West. It happens that young girls operate (kliteroktemiya) and give it to another family to repay the debt, in Pakistan, the practice was legal until 2007.

Most women stay in the villages, while their husbands went to work in the city and live on the edge of a bidonvillyah, where there is prostitution. But just as often the middle classes of the Muslim countries emulate the Western model of marriage, reproducing down to the smallest details of the wedding ritual, inherited from Christianity.

In the West, on the contrary, many couples do not marry, most marriages are not religious (the couple did not go to church), and, increasingly, couples break up: one in three marriages ends in divorce, and every fourth marriage is not for the first time .

Growing statistics of love and sexual relations, even if adultery is still pending advertise. More and more children are growing up without knowing his father and sometimes his mother. In the U.S., more than 5% of men have several children at the same time in different centers of the family, and often the men themselves do not know about that. In the UK, 40% of children born out of wedlock, and every tenth child is brought up a man who mistakenly thinks that he is the father of the child, 22% of married men and 15% of married women admit to sexual relations before marriage.

Everywhere, people are very interested in the love life of movie stars, as in the old days, when polygamy was a sign of strength, and with all men — from the players to the Kings — the adoration of the beloved is combined with the desire to possess it. In countries such as the United States, secular magazines are full of scandals related to "illicit" relationship, and at the same time, public hypocrisy is so powerful that the politician or the head of the company may lose its status and even job if he is suspected of adultery.

Changed the concept of beauty and the fact that by the word 'like'. If earlier the social ideals of love reflected in the fine arts, today canons of beauty and the best ways to please expressed in film, fashion and advertising.

Since 2000, using a new communication technology — the Internet, which allows to update the language of lovers and raise the rating of the written opinion. Internet — is the possibility of virtual dating, sharing dreams and phantasms, but also — sexual experience lived situations and love stories. How are boys and girls online awakens sexual appetite, which is more and more openly relieved of any romantic connotations.

Motivation is changing the practice of love. American poll conducted in August 2007 showed that there are 237 reasons to love making. First place is physical attraction. The need for love is the fourth in women and the fifth in men. The desire to continue the race — only to the fifty-fifth. Then there's an escape from the boredom and the ability to achieve concrete local result — for example, the termination of a migraine. Or — closer to God …

At the same time there are new biotechnology radically alter the search for new relations and procreation. Tech prenatal diagnosis made possible baby sex selection and allowed to reduce the number of female births. At a time when humanity is trying to reduce the number of children per woman, in vitro fertilization and the appearance of the "mothers-layers" opens up new prospects for the struggle with infertility.

In Greece, the 52-year-old woman underwent surgery to transplant embryos taken from her daughter, the egg that has been fertilized nephew. As a result, the woman gave birth to twins — his grandchildren. You can even get a baby without a man in May 2002 Japanese biologists have managed to obtain in a laboratory mouse from the egg, fertilized ovum another, ie without the participation of sperm.

Homosexuality is also gaining increasing recognition of yesterday's opponents. Even if every other gay couple is not monogamous, many couples want to have children. After Rosie and Kelly in San Francisco, Elton John and David Furnish in London and two homosexuals in Bagley large number of gay and lesbian couples in favor of the right to marriage and fatherhood / motherhood. Around 10,000 gay marriages were registered in the UK after the release in 2005 of the law on "civil partnership". Daphne Ligtart and Liz King "married" two months after the entry into force of the law and divorced a month later … Bisexual also increasingly open about their "non-traditional". On the other side of the Channel, they already have their own magazine («Anything That Moves»), their associations, their idols (singer of REM's Michael Stipe), and even their movies (films «Threesome», «Chasing Amy»).

Sex and love like never before, have become the engine marketing, commercial projects, advertising, convincing the consumer that in the case of consumption of such products increases his chances of being loved. Love was the most revolutionary dimension of globalization, and the main theme of entertainment products: nothing beats the universality of the effects of a love story or a movie about love. As a consequence, in China and in India the national cinema plays a crucial role in the evolution of manners and in the universal declaration of human rights and upholding the individual. In many places — both in the countries of Islam and the West — there is a response: some try to hide the face of the woman behind the veil because they can no longer hide behind the walls of the harem.

Along with the extensive spread of worldwide market economy industrial scale becomes sex trade — prostitution, sexual exploitation of women and children, pornography, sex tourism. In India, 10 million are engaged in prostitution of women in Thailand — 2 million in the U.S. — one million in Germany — 200 000. 500,000 women from Eastern Europe and 200,000 from the former Soviet Union are engaged in prostitution in Western Europe. In the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal to October 1, 2000, and in 1981, there were 2,500 prostitutes in 1985 — 10,000 in 1989 — 20,000, and today — 50000. In the 250 brothels in Amsterdam every "girl" serves 10 to 24 clients within 12-17 hours' daily work. " In the United States, 85% of prostitutes are victims of violence in the "working hours", while 15% of them, according to U.S. hospitals commit suicide.

Increasingly, children are being forced into prostitution: 400,000 children in India, 320,000 in the United States, 100,000 in the Philippines, 300,000 in Thailand, 500,000 in China. Every year, about a quarter of a million women and children "bought" in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, child prostitution, for the year can sell their "sexual services" for about two thousand men.

With the advent of "Eurocenter sex" spread this kind of commerce has acquired an industrial scale. The largest brothel in Melbourne — «The Daily PlaNet», opened in 1975, sold 1.4 million shares on the day of its registration on the exchange. In Japan today opened countless fuzoku — Bars with the "girls", where visitors indulge in sexual phantasms of disguise. Thus, the highest form of eroticism becomes a deformation of reality. In 2007 the total turnover of the pornography industry in the world has exceeded $ 60 billion, of which 12 billion going to the United States. Trade turnover videopornografii amounts to 30 billion euros, that is two times more than the rest of the video. It contributed to the growth of the Internet. In the U.S., 10% of the products sold on the Web, has a sexual connotation. Half of all the downloaded videos on commercial websites — it's child's or psevdodetskaya pornography (kiddie or chicken porn). In the web world, there are about 10,000 sites, addressed to pedophiles. 40 million men and children often go to porn sites. The most important consumers of online pornography are teenagers from 12 to 17 years.

To summarize statistical calculations. The world's population of six billion people today. One billion of them decides to marry under the influence of the Catholic Church, another billion — under the influence of other forms of Christianity. One billion people belong to the zone of influence of Islam.

The other half of humanity, that is, almost the whole of Asia and parts of Africa, like thousands of years ago, lives in a more or less pronounced polygamy. They are getting married in the distance of the place of worship, or according to custom, borrowed from the Catholic Church, which has become for them a symbol of modern faith. Almost Women everywhere are forced to fight for their rights, not to become a toy male fantasies and put an end to various forms of sexual enslavement.

An excerpt from the book by Jacques Attali "About Love"


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