Japan adopts new defense strategy

Japan adopts new defense strategy
The geopolitical situation in the Pacific is constantly changing and states have to take appropriate measures. So, last year the U.S. declared its own intentions to strengthen its naval forces in the Pacific, focusing there about 2-thirds of all available warships. Certain applets, to increase the capacity of its armed forces as a whole, China holds. A few days reverse it became clear that Japan also wants to start upgrading their own self-defense forces.

A special commission of the government land of the rising sun has prepared draft of the forthcoming development of the forces of self-defense and defense strategy. Two documents have been adopted by the government. Because of this, over the next 5 years, Japanese Self-Defense Forces will develop in accordance with the «Medium-Term Plan of defense,» and the next decade will be first implemented a plan titled «New principal directions of Defense.» In developing the two documents relating to the latest defense strategy takes into account the major geopolitical trends in recent years, existing and potential hazards, especially as Japanese and international law.

Details of both programs remain unknown, but announced some major points. For example, all configurations of the defense strategy officially justified increasing threats from China and North Korea. Specifically, the development of the armed forces of these countries urging the Japanese government to upgrade their sights on the country’s defense. To monitor the possible adversary and timely decision-making relevant Government Commission proposes to give great attention to reconnaissance. In addition, the brand new strategy involves increasing the number of radar systems designed to monitor the air space around the Japanese Islands. Chance purchase zabugornyh reconnaissance UAVs.
In the context of international relations in the modern Japanese defense strategy as portrayed in the United States. According to reports, both defense development project include strengthening military ties with the United States. With all this government commission Land of the Rising Sun notes that the impact of the U.S. in the world is constantly changing because of what is offered without the help of others to find new allies. List of States, considered as potential partners in the military-political and military-technical cooperation, has not been announced.

Fascinating feature of the latest defense strategy is to refuse certain principles as observed in recent decades. Search for partners and verbovaniya Japan may abandon restrictions on military exports. It is noted that the export of arms and military equipment will likely only in this case, if he fails to contradict the Japanese defense interests. Search for allies and the probable sale of weapons or equipment are one of the main ways in which in the near future will be to develop the Japanese defense strategy. Soon after the appearance of information about similar plans zabugornye media present that they are connected with the intentions of today’s Japanese Prime Minister Abe Sindoe. During the presence on their own position, he managed to promote several initiatives related to the increase in the defense capacity of the country of the rising sun.

Both days are taken on the document suggest not only update views on foreign affairs, and the modernization of the armed forces. In view of possible threats and the kind hypothetical war with possible opponents were formed the main requirements for the Japanese self-defense forces of the future. Because of the low probability of warfare on land creators offer strategies to reduce by two-thirds of the park tanks, the amount of which exceeds the current time seven hundred. As a substitute of this technique is meant to create and build or acquire approximately weave called wheeled tanks. A similar technique is meant to be able to work well in the Japanese countryside, where there is a developed system of highways.
Means to pay great attention to air and missile defense islands. To do this, in the future we plan to buy 28 fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II South American production. In addition, brand new defense strategy intended to increase the naval component of the air and missile defense. Currently, maritime self-defense force land of the rising sun 6 destroyers operate projects «Atago» (two) and «Congo» (four), kitted out combat information control system (CICS) AEGIS anti-aircraft missiles and American design. It is proposed, to build two more ships with this CICS also upgrade existing destroyers. After upgrading the ships should be able to use SM-3 missiles.

Japan adopts new defense strategy

Destroyer ORP «Asigira» type «Atago»

Japan adopts new defense strategy

DDH-141 JDS Haruna Type «Congo»

Land of the Rising Sun constitution greatly restricts the range of tasks and the ability of self-defense forces. Yet, brand new defense strategy involves the allocation of funds for the formation and development of units created for fighting on some distance from the Japanese archipelago. For the defense of the disputed islands in the East China Sea, the Japanese military in the foreseeable future may receive up to fifty landing craft and 17 Tiltrotor Bell V-22 Osprey.

Catechumens Japan plans for future development of self-defense forces, can be divided into two parts. First of them is related to the modernization of defense forces and is nothing perceptible. No matter what country with armed forces seeks to update them and thus improve their defenses. Second line of Japanese defense strategy focused on international cooperation and is perhaps the most perceptible in a hosted disk imaging.
Desire to find allies in the midst of foreign countries can be a sign that Japan wants to become a regional favorite, including in the field of arms exports. Intention to sell weapons and military equipment is also noticeable feature of the latest Japanese strategy. Thus, in the context of export There is the probability of failure of the existing voluntary restrictions on arms sales. Over several decades, Japan has not supplied weapons and equipment in the communist countries, members of the current armed conflict and states, subject to a UN embargo. Rejection of similar restrictions may have very different implications. While we can not confidently read what countries may wish to buy Japanese weapons. Yet, even at this point it is clear that the rejection of volunteer duties will lead to an increase in exports of military-technical at times.

There is reason to believe that the development industry will allow the Land of the Rising Sun to get quite a huge number of contracts for the supply of military equipment of different classes. But certain volumes of supplies likely remain a mystery, because Japan has never been a big arms dealer. Defense industry in this country for a long time engaged in the main satisfaction of the needs of self-defense forces, from time to time to fulfill export contracts.

So Makar, the latest available information on the defense strategy of the Land of the Rising Sun allows you to make some conclusions. Update equipment and weapons defense forces, of course, affect their combat capabilities and defense. Desire to find allies in the midst of foreign countries may also have positive implications for the land of the rising sun. With regard to arms exports, this item until the strategy raises questions. Definitive conclusions about the correctness of the chosen path can be done only after the Japanese self-defense forces, diplomats and industry begin to implement the plans today. Judging by the available disk imaging on the first steps in this direction will leave the coming couple of years.

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