Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun has asked the government funding for the development of the new system and fire control radar capable of detecting stealth aircraft at significant distance. As reported by Jane «s, the size of the requested funding of 3.7 billion yen (37.5 million dollars). Means meant to get in fiscal year 2014, which begins April 1.

As part of the development plan to make applets radar, which will be able to detect aircraft, built using stealth technology and invisible to existing radar stations. In total, to create a new layout is planned radar had spent six years and four years later — to take station for service. Radars have planned for mobile ground platforms.

It is understood that the new mobile station will receive general information about the traffic situation on the stationary radar FPS-FPS-5 and 7, and then detect, track down and accompany goals also give commands to launch anti-aircraft missiles. Radars, development of which is scheduled to begin for another year, it is planned to link with the upgraded version of the anti-aircraft missile system Type 03, also known as Chu-SAM.

According to the agency, the new radar system will be focused on the first detection of possible Chinese stealth air targets, namely fighter aircraft J-20. In addition, the planned total system upgrade air control land of the rising sun.

This need came after Japanese radar, located on a peninsula Miyako, December 13, 2012 could not find a Chinese reconnaissance aircraft flying over the Senkaku archipelago (it claimed by China, Taiwan and Japan). First, in September 2013 was not found Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle, the intruder in the identification area air defense system land of the rising sun.

More principled zone air control for Land of the Rising Sun is the East China Sea. At strengthening air patrols in the area Department of Defense Land of the Rising Sun requested funding of 1.3 billion yen. Namely, we planned to see the frequency of the air patrol planes distant places Airborne Warning and Control E-767 and E-2C Hawkeye.

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