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Peculiarities of the National Kitchen

Japanese police arrested three men, cannibals, roasted on the grill body of a person killed by them, according to Japanese television on October 4, reports "Interfax".

The accused allegedly killed Kazuyuki Kobayashi, who disappeared in 2009, with the knives. After the man's dismembered his body sprinkled with spices and roasted meat on a grill for a barbecue, to avoid any unpleasant odors. Cooked body parts were stored in a refrigerator in a warehouse Tokyo, after which they were transported to the city of Niigata in northern Japan.

One suspect admitted his guilt, the second — did it in part, while the third, who, according to media reports, Kobayashi owed a large sum of money, denies any involvement in the murder.

It is interesting that the very cannibalism in Japan is not prohibited, except in the case of the murder. In the sense that anyone can give part of their body as a dinner. Accordingly, anyone who wants to, do not do not eat human flesh, unless there is a volunteer willing to give away a piece of his flesh.

Oddly enough, these cases are relatively common in Japan. 22-year-old chef Mao Sugiyama posted a "tweet" the announcement of the sale of a private dinner of the body, which cost $ 250 per serving. Total cook put up for sale five servings. The Japanese have shown great interest in the proposal and sent so many applications that Sugiyama himself had to select buyers.

Some users have found the chef's abusive and illegal and called the police. But they were told that cannibalism itself in Japan is not prohibited by law. www.russia.ru

The secret of longevity

The investigation of the Ministry of Justice of Japan failed to detect 234,354 people over 100 years old, who live on the securities are registered, the reality of their whereabouts, according to data released on Friday, is unknown.

The investigation was conducted from August 27 to September 6, and covered more than 47 million records posemeynyh books that made a mark on the death. The reason for the investigation was revealed in July, the mummified body of a man who was considered to be the oldest resident of Tokyo — in 2010 he had to acknowledge the 111-year anniversary. As clarified police tokiets died more than 30 years ago, and during that time his family regularly received a pension for him, and then his wife's pension payable to "long-lived" after the death of his wife. In late August, relatives of men who received it for about 90 million yen (more than $ 100 thousand), were arrested.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the investigation could not find 77,000 people who in 2010 would have to be filled with more than 120 years, and 884 people older than 150 years. All of these documents by the local administrations are registered alive.

Ministry admits that in many cases the cause of the errors are wars, fires and natural disasters, after which bring about the death of a family member was simply no one, and move to a new location without notifying local authorities or death abroad, which has not been discharged in Japan. oper.ru

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