Jazz — the message of freedom

The history of the jazz world has more than 100 years. Curiously, the first sound film was called "The Jazz Singer" and was dated 1927.
With regard to the history of Belarusian jazz, so it is possible to conduct the count from 1939, when a refugee from Poland Yuri (Jerzy) Belzatskoy became the head of the Municipal made bandleader BSSR. Almost three months after the orchestra entered another emigrant — trumpeter Eddie Rosner.
For many years, virtually every band playing so referred "Light music", was called jazz, although in fact the real jazz had almost nothing in common. Yet, she did jazz music in the world the real revolution, and not only in the field of culture.
Musical Esperanto
Editor in chief of the Polish magazine "Jazz Forum" Paul Brody explains the paradox as jazz
"Jazz music was the message of freedom in Poland in times of war, and after it, when Poland was deprived of that freedom. And, certainly, was the music of hope. Immediately — music dreams bolshennom world. And specifically of liberation has come to us. How to read majestic guru Leopold Tyrmand Polish jazz, jazz was for us a tool in the struggle for freedom, armor.
In our days of jazz — is a global music that too much. This musical Esperanto, the language through which discuss and understand each other people in globally . "
Second after the creation of the Municipal bandleader BSSR milestone in the history of Belarusian jazz institution should be considered in spring 1977 Minsk club jazz lovers.
Please 1980s jazz life became the center of Vitebsk, where twice a year were huge festivals, including Dyksilendav international hits. Unfortunately, withstand competition from "Slavic market" did not work …
Despite the fact that jazz in today’s Belarus is not required by the authorities in music, there are music and bands that Belarus can be proud of. This conventional jazz ensemble "Renaissance", which, incidentally, November 22 will mark the 30th anniversary of existence. This, unfortunately, is deceased pianist Arkadi Eskin, trumpeter Valery Shcherytsa who went to work in Kiev prince singing group "Camerata", in the end, jazzy "calling card" of Belarus — the group "Apple Tea".
"Unformatted" music
Music of this collective Alexander Sapieha explains prerequisites so why foreign jazz artists rare guests in Belarus:
"Since we do not exist such show business in the context of jazz. Small level of the listener. Comparing with Lithuania or Ukraine, so there is a lot more in the capitals of jazz listeners than in Minsk. Because all shuttle tour is made so that they ignore Belarus. Likely, this is due to political motives. We bypass the artists, knowing that there probably is something wrong … "
For all the post-war period in Belarus only in one point, in 1971, performed a real jazz legend — Big Band Duke Ellington. Number of French musicians I remember Christian quartet concert escudos.
In recent years, the Polish Institute we could listen to famous Polish stars Zbigniew Namyslowski, Tomasz Stanko, Leszek Mozhzhera, Jaroslav cream. Belarus is easier to hear jazz, perhaps abroad — at festivals in Lithuania, Ukraine, Norway and Russia.
Sapieha: "Nobody works with our concert agencies, not looking for artists. Excellent, afterdny concert we did on purpose. And it was the first time! Approached guys Supranovich Vitaly, and asked, "You guys can do for you live?" It was somehow suddenly … "
Tomorrow in Minsk "Rock House Cafe" musicians of the French group "Ozma" met with Belarusian group "Apple Tea".
What can bring from Minsk star jazz piano?, 29.05.2007

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