Jews in the world now celebrate Hanukkah

Now in the Minsk Jewish house gathered several 10-s man, that coupled to light candles and start celebrating Hanukkah.
"It prazdnichek light, joy, prazdnichek people who lives in peace and harmony, — says Director of the Museum of Jewish History and Culture Inna Gerasimova. — Now begins Hanukkah, and now lights the first candle. Now we’ll have pancakes, donuts — everything is cooked on oil. "
History prazdnichka Hanukkah tightly interwoven with the history of the Jewish people. 422 year to a new era Judea lost municipal independence and became part of the Persian country. After the death of Alexander the Great, Israel then passed under the authority of the Egyptian monarchs, the Syrian.
Anti IV "Epiphanes" fire and sword spread Greek. He forbade the Jewish tradition and the Torah. He led an uprising against Judah. When the Jews entered the liberated Jerusalem and went into the temple, they began to find where the oil to light the candles.
"If they built a manor in the temple, then they needed oil, so she burned — says Rabbi Association for Progressive Judaism Jews Grigory Abramovich. — They found a small jug with printing priest. Poured from his manor, but could be enough oil for only one day. But Manor, or, as we call it, Hanukkah, burned for eight days. Here we are at the moment and we light eight candles. Now — first. In today eat donuts and fritters pasmazhanyya on oil. This gastronomic part connects us to the fact that the oil in the Manor. "
In Minsk, the Jewish house held exhibitions and performances especially in days of Hanukkah. People with disabilities will show their creativity. Festival dubbed the "Miracle creativity."

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