Joseph Yanushkevich Literary will be forced to choose whom to serve and how

More November 9 Presidium of the National Academy of Belarus adopted a resolution on the reorganization of 2-academic institutions — the Institute of Literature named after Yanka Kupala and the Institute of Linguistics Kolas. But with this "hidden" document to nedavneshnego time were not even aware of heads of institutions. About the likely implications of the merger of Russian linguistics and literature, we are talking with a senior fellow at the Institute of Literature Joseph Yanushkevich.
"You can talk about the actual elimination of the Institute of Literature named after Yanka Kupala"
Michas Scoble: "Joseph, in recent years the Belarusian society is already accustomed to the most sudden power steps. Yet, the people working in the cultural sphere, shocked. Institute literature existed from 1931, last year he was 75 years old. And goes decree signed by the chairman of the Presidium of Misha Myasnikovich. Let’s start our conversation with comments of this document. "
Joseph Yanushkevich: "Indeed, there is such a decree № 48" On reorganization of municipal Scientific Institution "Institute of Linguistics Kolas National Academy of Belarus." But it is concerned only about the Institute of Linguistics, belonging to reorganize "in the prescribed manner." In the form of a merger of the Institute of Literature named after Yanka Kupala. "
Scoble: "So is it possible to talk about the virtual elimination of the Institute of Literature?"
Yanushkevich: "Absolutely. Like me, although I’m not a lawyer, and archivist, I understand neither the legal nor the monetary independence of the Institute of Literature will not have."
"One institution is given two names — this is something new"
Scoble: "Kupala Institute attached to the Institute Kolas. Whose name will carry the combined institution?"
Yanushkevich: "According to Fri 2 Regulation reorganized Institute of Linguistics, will be called" The Institute of Language and Literature Kolas and Yanka Kupala. "That one institution is given two names — this is our time for something new. But not in vain, says that all have excellent new The old forgotten. Once there was a party that did not even wore two or three names — Marx, Lenin, Stalin. And here I see a new approach and a new principle. Hitherto we have followed cloning. was one Communist Party of Belarus and there were two. On one of the Belarusian Popular Front did two. were some "Pesnyary" Mulyavin famous and became three or four. And in the case of academic institutions we look diametrically another step of 2-institutions have made one. think Janka Kupala and Yakub Kolas be glad with this. After all, they were friends, and they both tried to raise the language and literature of Belarus. That’s fine, that at least one institution will do it in the XXI century ".
"In 1935, during the repression, who was not working at the Academy, and joined because voedinyzhdy"
Scoble: "It turns out that literature and language universities have already joined voedinyzhdy — in 1935, during Stalin’s repressions that wore obviously anti-Belarusian customs. But later, in a more or less normal times, these institutions independent status was returned. So, academic science Now in vorachivaetsya sad 30s? "
Yanushkevich: "The association committed in the 1930s, was caused only repression, only losses. Then just do not have someone to work in each of the institutions individually. You can draw an analogy: if stay in the village two widows without owners, they can be, and warmer and more comfortable to manage in the same house. "
Scoble: "You have more than 20 years engaged in academic science. As this fruitful combination — Institute of Language and Literature Institute?"
Yanushkevich: "By my logic, if we attach something to something, it should be held to the Institute of Linguistics of the Institute of Literature. But we remember how in our time with the highest bleachers more than once stated that the Belarusian literature does not exist. Well, if there is no literature, there is nothing to study literary. Certainly, managing the Institute of Linguistics, Philology Dr. Alexander Lukashanets now found himself in a difficult situation. likely acting director of the department of literary (or as it is called there?) will be assigned to a deputy who should be a literary critic. "
Scoble: "The Institute of literature existed Scientific Council on thesis. What will happen to him? Either we Philology medical literature on this point would not be?"
Yanushkevich: "I am afraid that at some time they will. This is a very specific and difficult question. Spetssavet on candidate and doctoral dissertations in this case should be perazatsverzhany. Though I is not into all the details I can think about."
"Adopted a resolution at this level is unlikely to be reversed or revised"
Scoble: "Almost before recording the show I learned that on the days of the Academy to deal with the situation around the Institute of Literature comes Deputy Prime Kosinets. You admit that this aggressive Myasnikovich decision be revised or abolished?"
Yanushkevich: "I think that adopted the decision at this level is unlikely to be canceled. Though it can be. Since nominally our Academy formally subordinated to the Council of Ministers. But, I repeat, it is unlikely the case will loosen the back. That will be the Institute of Literature "connect voedinyzhdy" knew even ordinary employees have long. course, this decision is not made in a day or two or three. assemble the entire meeting the social sciences department, this question more than once a day or be on the agenda of the Presidium of the Academy. It is clear that all these things could not know at the Council of Ministers. There is also a proper curators of the Academy that they have not reported Kosintsev? Such can not be. "
"The feeling of horror is not conducive to scientific work"
Scoble: "I spoke with your employees — with 2 medical sciences, with 2 corresponding members of the Academy, who are employees of the Institute. They are enraged, but raise your own voice in defense of the institutions where they work 10s years where they received academic degrees and titles, not solved. How can I do science in such a suffocating atmosphere of terror? "
Yanushkevich: "Of course, a feeling of terror is not conducive to scientific activities. Especially since, in the humanitarian field, in the field of literature. If terror prevails, prevails, the study may be the beginning of a total programmed according davneshnim "away, sir!" Or "What izvolitse? Which you want to have the concept of what the history of literature?" All we have already passed. And more than once. "
Scoble: "Do not become the Institute of Literature, but the need for official literary remains. Who would" serve "the writers and the pro-government Union of Writers of Belarus?"
Yanushkevich: "If there is such a" literature ", then a corresponding" literary "there."
B. o. Director of the Institute of Literature Valery Maksimovic: "I’m nobody consults"
Scoble: "How do you assess the behavior of the Acting Director of the Institute of Literature Valeria Maksimovic in this situation?"
Yanushkevich: "If we start from a purely Prof. spectacle, the Institute of Literature named after Yanka Kupala was certainly need a decent and pochetaemy control."
Scoble: "But that said, our radio Valery Maksimovic. "
Valery Maksimovic "As they say the people on the wrong Wust NOT nakinesh Hust. Suppose they say that althoughso Idid everything, I could. In the name of Misha Myasnikovich I wrote a memorandum on 9 pages inexpedient to joining the Institute of Literature Institute of Linguistics. No resolution to my management reported. With the enactment of days I was introduced almost. Me with a fait accompli, given document — act. All will now decide Lukashanets Alexander: Who cut that departments from 6 to quit what to eliminate. Me no advice. "
Scoble: "Joseph, how will the elimination of the academic literature on the development of the Institute of literature itself?"
"Who will lead to the publication of the collected works of the brain Kolas and Maxim Tank?"
Yanushkevich: "most of the Belarusian literature, unlike the Institute of Literature, not 70, and nine of 70 years! Because dissolution of the features of her no harm. Regarding literary, those that will work at the Academy, will soon be forced to choose whom and how to serve. pity that could hang some solid projects. example, initiated the publication of Collected Works Kolas 20 volumes. Obsolete only two volumes. Who will prepare the other? Send this four-volume Collected Works of Maxim Tank in 13 volumes. Who will be shut down? perpetrators of these and other projects outside of our Institute, I just do not see other professionals such there is no profile. "
Scoble: "It is unlikely that the idea to eliminate one of the oldest academic institutions, belongs to the chairman of the Presidium of the Academy Myasnikovich. And who’s in this situation, is entitled to the l
aurels Herostratus who previously prevented Institute?"
Yanushkevich: "I can only express here private outlook. Guided actual intuition say that wishing for laurels Herostratus any native Literature Institute or the Institute of Linguistics was not. They need to find some places in other areas. Completely And it may be that outside not only the Academy, and beyond our country. In general, commands on liquidation and sad 1930s arrived from afar. After all, exactly, the main concern for those who are fighting went ahead under the banner of Lenin and Stalin were Belarusian humanist first Inbelkulta employees. By whom destroyed first, it can be concluded that national culture figures previously prevented Russian Herostratus in the victorious march. "
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