Journalism School graduate forced to pay 10 thousand dollars

Ksenia Avimova has long worked in the state of the independent newspaper "Belarusians and Market." She pinned its hopes that there will razmerkavatstsa. Newspaper at the right time sent a request for journalism. But when a student came to the meeting of the Commission on rassredotachivaniyu then she found "Belarusians and Market" in the list of publications that require young spices.
"This is absurd, because nowhere in the legislation is recorded, it is impossible to allocate the student in independent newspapers. Rassredotachivanii And I clearly articulated: you need to follow the municipal order, and we’ll get you in the" Belarusians and Market "does not distribute."
On Faculty of Journalism BSU comment on the situation surrounding the former student Ksyushi Avimova refused. According to representatives of journalism that does not wish to submit, at rassredotachivanii into account not only the desire of the student, and then, with an average score of how he trained. Worse performance than the less prestigious publications have to choose. Because Ksenia Avimova was supposed to do the commission’s decision to go to Volozhin, said my companion.
"The Commission has decided that the student has signed a decision in the protocol. When she agreed, what can we talk?"
Ksenia really drove to the Volozhin — to investigate. And immediately clear — to live and work there will be able to:
"Said, now we have to be employed, and for the next day we find for you home. Although essentially must I had to find a home before I arrived, when it was to keep the rules and regulations specifically about rassredotachivanie. I uttered that if I write, I would pay about 600 thousand. They were not willing to pay for housing, in other words, of these 600 thousand for housing was supposed to pay me. "
Ksenia Received time on journalism at poluplatnoy form of training. Later she was transferred to the budget. Currently Ksenia says: if trained on a paid, would have a free diploma and pay for it would have almost halved. Amount of 22 million rubles it considers too high even as has long been not getting a scholarship because she had academic zavinavachanastsi also low scores on certain subjects. Yet take into account the scholarship. Xenia is going to find the funds to pay off all the same.
Not so long ago the Belarusian Helsinki Committee appealed to the Constitutional Court with a request to see the position of rassredotachivanii for its legality. Yesterday came the answer: the Constitutional Court only considers appeals of certain subjects, in other words, official institutions, such as Parliament and the Supreme Court. BHC members and appealed to the House of Representatives, so that she slipped the question to the Constitutional Tribunal. There is no answer. Says rights activist Hulak:
"The obligation to fulfill rassredotachivaniyu — a form of payment. And the problem is that in the Constitution we have foreseen a free education, but in reality it is not. ‘Cause this problem there."
Ksenia Avimova reversing two weeks became known for his own victory at the international competition "Best Blog," which organized the "German Wave". Network diary Ak_bara website LiveJournal bypassed even a blog dedicated to the upcoming presidential election in the United States.
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