Journalists from Krychaw will sue December 19

December 5 at the preparatory meeting of the court referee Chaussy Court Olga Polujan Named first funny day trial on December 13. December 7 Valery Bysavu and Vladimir Kudryavtsev said that the tribunal postponed to December 19.
Referee Polujan Olga said in a telephone conversation that the trial postponed because of her employment. It implies that one day see the case does not work, because the parties have said 10 witnesses, and on December 14 in its consideration of the criminal case.
December 5 Olga Polujan is not allowed to role in the preparatory meeting of the court Belarusian Association of Journalists Sergei Nerovny yes Gregory Kastusiou. Valery and Vladimir Kudryavtsev Bisov petitioned, that they were representatives of protection. Its position referee motivated by the fact that it has no documents to confirm that the BAJ members may be representatives of the courts.
19 also begins in Minsk on December Tribunal claim control pro-governmental Union of Writers of Belarus Nicholas Charhinets the journalist Alexander Tamkovich Business and personal "Time of news". Random Is this coincidence?
Managing the center of legal protection of journalists and media Misha Shepherds knows about the transfer of the case to the district court Chaussky and does not exclude that it is made specifically:
"I believe that such law-coincidence, maybe not, but it can not be ruled out. Can think of that will come Chavusy journalists of independent media, and to avoid broad resonance, could appoint a tribunal on the same day," — said " freedom "Misha Shepherds.
Krichevsky, editor of the Executive Committee "Leninsky cry" Tatiana Ivkina tries through the Tribunal to recover from the publisher and founder of the "Free Town" non-pecuniary damages in the amount of 10 million rubles. Fines means she is going to transfer to an account Belsky social rehabilitation center. Mrs. Ivkina requests written rebuttal of the facts stated in the articles in the newspapers "Leninsky Cry" and "free city."
The reason for the trial was a series of articles "6 years in editorial Gulag", was written in August and September 2004 to be independent newspaper "Free City". Last on the staff of "Lenin’s cry" Valery Bisov described how Tatiana Ivkina run newspaper. Tags: newspaper, Ivkina Kudryavtsev, Bisov

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