Julius Evola on the decline in Europe

Baron Julius Evola (May 19, 1898 — June 11, 1974)

The modern "civilization" of the West needs a radical revolution, without which it will sooner or later doomed to failure. This "civilization" had corrupted any reasonable order of things. It evolved into the realm of, matter, money, machines, in which there is more air, freedom, light.

West forgot about the meaning of and obedience to orders. He forgot about the sense of action and reflection. He forgot about the sense of hierarchy, the power of the spirit, the human gods. He does not know the nature. Nature for Western people ceased to be a living body of the symbols of the gods and rituals — shining Cosmos, in which, as "the kingdom in the realm of" free to move people: it was cloudy and the surface of the rock, and its mysteries profane sciences are trying to get around with the help of his pigmy laws and insignificant hypotheses. West is no longer knows wisdom: he does not know the noble silence of those who have overcome themselves, do not know the rest of the light, "which see" knows the proud "sun" of reality, those in whom revived the idea of blood, life, power. In place of wisdom entered the rhetoric of "philosophy" and "culture" in the world of professors, journalists, athletes — the scheme, a program slogan. In its place came a sentimental, religious, humanistic and filth galaxy excited talkers are intoxicated by praising "becoming" and glorify "practice" because they are afraid of silence and reflection. West is no longer knows the State.

The state as valuable as the Empire, as a synthesis of the spiritual and royal as a way to "overworld", as it was in all the great cultures of antiquity — from China to Egypt, from Iran to Rome, to the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations — drowned in the middle-class misery public servants and merchants. What is a war, a war of their own accord, as the highest value (whether in victory or in defeat) as a sacred path of spiritual realization, why access to the heavenly abode of Odin, Valhalla, is open to the heroes who fell on the battlefield, why in Islam " holy war "(jihad) is a synonym for" divine way ", why in India Aryan warrior is always likened to an ascetic, and why in classical antiquity, it symbolized a mors triumphalis (Victory over death) — which means that such a war, do not know more cowardly European "activists". They do not know more than men, they only know the soldiers, and only a small hassle to bring them into horror and cause them flow humanist, pacifist and sentimental rhetoric.

Europe has lost its simplicity, it has lost its focus, she lost her life. Democratic semistsky disease and poison soaked her down to the roots — they are everywhere: in law, in science, in thinking. Chiefs — creatures that have come not through violence, not out of greed, not as nimble oppressors slaves, but because of its undeniable virtues of transcendental life — almost no more. Europe now — this is a huge mess quack, contracting and shaking with fear, for whom no one dares to say openly, with the money instead of blood, with machines and factories instead of the flesh and the newspapers instead of brains — a shapeless body, restlessly tossed from side to side, moving under the influence of questionable or unknown forces that pulverized anyone who dares to oppose them, or at least try to avoid their impact.

All this — the fruits of such a vaunted Western "civilization." All this — the famous result superstitious belief in "progress," which is contrary to the Roman monarchy, against Dorian Hellas, contrary to all other forms of the great Aryan tradition. And closer closes the ring around the few who are capable of great disgust and great exaltation.

Julius Evola, "Pagan Imperialism", 1928,
Translated by Alexander Dugin, 1980


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