Kalyakin: You can not hide any living person, acting either party

Justice filed a complaint against the six party activists: two from each of the organizations, members of the "Alliance of leftist parties".
Justice Ministry spokesman Alexander Kharitonov believes after how to October 11, the Supreme Tribunal of Belarus eliminated female role "Hope", the grounds for registration "is absolutely not."
And taking into account that the activities of the Communist Party of Belarus from August 2 to 6 months stopped at Chariton views from 3 subjects "Union" was only one — the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk).
On this first secretary of the PKB Sergei Kalyakin, referring to his game, dark joke: you can not advance even hard to bury the ailing person. He added that the ministry is not the case draws attention to this — other grounds for refusal of registration look imaginary and do not go further technical design documents.
Referee Nicholas Lobkov excluded from the list of participants in the process vsepolnotsennyh representatives of women’s party and translated them into the category of witnesses. Whereupon started to learn different documents and answers to questions of the parties.
Valentine Party Matoussevitch of "Hope" believes that the Justice Department is not the case eliminated female role:
"It is a pity that not to register the" Alliance of leftist parties ", the authorities removed the legal registration of women’s party" Hope "- which, incidentally, was one of the 3 ladies’ parties in Europe. And no reason to eliminate our party was not.
"Hope" removed for violations in 2004 and 2005. In This year and last year we had only one warning — for the fact that we have carried out activities for the organization "Union of Left Forces" in Chernigov. But we have eliminated.
Now, taking into account that the party "Hope" eliminated, they do not register "Alliance". What else is read? What is there to comment on? "
The Ministry of Justice has twice refuses to register the "Alliance of leftist parties". First time since the founding conference of the "Union" at the end of last year was held outside Belarus.
Summer in Minsk was another founding conference. Yes and This time The Ministry of Justice has not given consent to the registration. Because the creators of the "Union of the Left parties" should be the second time in contact Supreme Tribunal.
In court, "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees, 9.10.2007 • "Alliance of leftist parties" decided to sue the Ministry of Justice, 6.03.2007

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