Kupala at a reception at Yancheuski

On Thursday, the director of Kupala theater Nikolay Kirichenko and actors Anna Hitrik and Alexander Molchanov were invited to the head of the presidential administration ideologue Vsevolod Yancheuski. Conversation with the director and the actors sovereign Yanchevskii led individually.
Theater director and actor Nikolai Kirichenko said had read specifically about the problems in the theater, and creative, and personal. On a repertoire that requests updates (currently in the repertoire of 36 plays, and some already have to be removed). On low wages artists on housing prepyadstviya youth who in many academic theater. Nikolay Kirichenko states that the two actions — an invitation to the presidential administration and a huge collection of theatrical troupe after the cancellation of the play "Strannovataya Savage" — are not connected among themselves. In the administration of the actress received a proclamation Lena Ivannikavay, and on it, so to speak, responded.
Nikolay Kirichenko conversation with Vsevolod Yanchevskii satisfied:
"I said, leaving the office, and it honestly if I previously went to this office and I could listen to — maybe this difficulty and would not be. But, unfortunately, I could not manage. I said we should pay attention to the theater, and not only on the Belarusian State, Yanka Kupala. yesterday and I said. "
And actress Svetlana Zelenkovskaya invitation to the Presidential Administration ignored:
"I would not wish to this topic read, I just do not beheld background — why you need to go there. On samrech I believe that this case not every individual, business and theater. And management of the country should come to the meeting of the troupe, and not to cause for myself. "
Of days before a meeting was held in the theater. Announced it was because of an accident — the cancellation of the play "Strannovataya Savage". At first, so to speak, debriefing — why was not Oleg Garbuz. Later all grew into a frank discussion about the problems in the theater. Nikolay Kirichenko very indignant that electric media dubbed this collection insurgency actors:
"Such insinuations as rebellion, the scandal — it was not! Mutiny — it means: I’m all cut, blood, crushed cabinet — this is called mutiny. And when adults are sitting and very tolerant and listen intently quite fair and annoying words Own the address and need to change the situation — this is called a production meeting, or a meeting, or a frank conversation. "
Head brain ideological control Vsevolod Yanchevskii promised to help solve some domestic difficulties connected to this Ministry of Culture, says the director of Kupala Theatre Nikolay Kirichenko. As for the purely creative issues often need to talk, not hold a grudge inside yourself and do not write letters to the administration:
"We sat down — thank God that sat. Previously, it was necessary to sit down and talk frankly, to know everything. Since I myself, on the one hand, as a theater director, and on the other, as an actor — it’s all the same feel on the court. And with me the same thing happens, I too suffer, leaving in the performances … "

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