«Kursk»: version of the death

Submarine of the Northern Fleet could not kill the South American and the British submarine
Vladimir Korjavin
August 12, 2000 sank SSGN K-141 «Kursk». Introduce you to «MIC» analysis of the probable circumstances of the death of our submarine.

In those days I served in combat training management (ESM) of the Northern Fleet (NF) and composed of staff marching out to sea aboard the nuclear-powered cruiser «Peter the Great». August 11, 2000 «Kursk» in the eyes of the entire staff of «Peter the Great» successfully completed rocket fire and went to another part of the exercise. The next day held fire on the force of surface warships with a torpedo using practical tools.

Alien signals

Everything went according to plan. Successfully had shot three submarines, and a detachment of ships entered the area occupied by the «Kursk». But submarine attack did not come out. It became clear that there was an emergency situation. Upcoming teaching was discontinued and the ships of the fleet in accordance with the requirements of the governing documents, without going into the field of action of the submarine began to maneuver on its southern edge, waiting for surfacing submarine. With the lapse of time finding the «Kursk» submerged ships entered the area and began searching for submarines, considering it has an emergency. Search was carried out by feeding the sonar parcels and aqua listening environment for a response from the emergency sonar sunken submarine. «Kursk» found almost immediately.

» Now submarines of the Russian Navy lacks an effective and modern system of torpedo protection «
Found on the response of sonar signals. But these signals were not our sonar signals. They were a knock issued underwater object series of eight pieces in response to sonar sending our ships. Periodically before these series auditioned knocks like SOS. All of these signals were recorded on tape, they had read about the investigator leading the case, but it does not seem to motivate. After detecting the knock was not immediately clear what their origin. Even thought that such makarom provide signals with sailors lying on the days of the «Kursk». This was reported to the press. By the way, then journalists unacceptable rough shape accused the Northern Fleet command in a lie. Frame it and come up with these knocks so makarom tries to shirk responsibility. So, here, members of search and rescue operations can confirm that there was no lie. Everything that was said on the air, was true.

After a clear definition of the place of occurrence of the underwater object, publish sonar signals (at that time still was not clear what actually it is), the cruiser «Peter the Great» at anchor. By that time, the area of ​​search and rescue arrived hydrographic vessel «Hydrology» with sonar equipment of high resolution. Coming over the place of the alleged finding of emergency submarine, it removed the bottom of the picture, which showed that there are two objects that are at an angle of 15-25 degrees to each other and almost touching its extremities. Printout hydroacoustic survey was delivered to the bottom «Peter the Great». I myself beheld her.

Buoys greenish

In the district arrived «Rudnicki» — rescue ship carrying submarine rescue vehicles. Anchoring, he immediately began to prepare for the descent devices. So as not to interfere with the operation, all other activities in the area was stopped. At the first dive machine was found aft of «Kursk». Then came to the conclusion that there are two days of submarines: our and foreign. Decided to assist our first, and then the other. That’s what the balance was at the time.

The presence in the area of ​​foreign submarine read as besides the fact that boats with «Peter the Great» floaters found that the descriptions were similar to the rescue buoys submarine naval forces of England. At night the crew longboat cruiser «Peter the Great» tried to climb aboard vertically floating buoys cigar-shaped greenish diameter of about 20-30 cm and a diameter buoy about 1.5 meters, painted reddish colors and the white flowers (I’m afraid seem inaccurate after so many years). But this attempt was not crowned with success. Greenish buoys sunk after a while, and a large buoy, apparently, was drawn back to a regular place of a foreign submarine.

In the afternoon I gathered longboat crew on the bridge of the cruiser (4 sailors and officers), porazdaval them crayons and asked to draw on paper, looked like the items they tried to lift out of the water. Pictures comparing them with the book «Emergency and rescue means foreign submarines» edition of the Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Russian Defense Ministry, and I concluded that next to the «Kursk» submarine is the Navy of England. In addition, in this book was indicated that greenish buoys exude a certain frequency on the radio alarms. Indeed, on designated frequencies auditioned operation of the transmitter. The transmitted signals are recorded on tape. All this management reported the rescue operation, and then — investigators military prosecutor leading the investigation.

First aid, and after him the second sample did landing on the aft rescue hatch «Kursk» to complete consumption of batteries. These efforts were to no avail. While underwater rescue apparatus charged batteries on the rescue ship «Rudnicki» in the area of ​​the sunken submarine continued to work hydrographic survey ships, armed with sonar soundings complexes. This work showed that there was only a day or one submarine. Over and knocks. I must say that at a time when efforts were made to rescue the crew of the «Kursk», none of its members were no longer alive. But it became clear only later.

Major version

At this time, the command of the fleet received instructions on the presentation of possible scenarios for the death of a submarine. Officers aboard the cruiser «Peter the Great» and previously served in submarines, started to implement it. Here is the script, the records recovered since.

Option number 1. Nuclear submarine «Kursk», while at periscope depth during a training torpedo attack surface ships detachment imaginary enemy, was torpedoed by a foreign submarine that carried him pursuit. It’s not a secret that the Soviet Navy submarines, and later of, as well as submarines NATO navies, produced a string of pursuit. In the process of tracking outputs perfected in torpedo attack on a submarine, in other words, actually the case on the real target. So we did, apparently, and they also did. But only — during mining similar mock attacks on our submarines taken all safety measures avoids unauthorized actual implementation tools. Maybe them in this matter, failed and instead launch a torpedo school held its actual launch. This version clarifies very nearly all of what happened later. In favor of it goes to the same fact that about 10 minutes before the first explosion, I suppose, a foreign submarine torpedo explosion, south of the seat of the «Kursk» in about 70 cables (about 13 km) sonar our ships were registered parcel sonar (about 10) at a frequency of three kilohertz. In the Russian Navy ships with sonar operating at this frequency, no. Based on the foregoing, one can imagine the subsequent: foreign submarine, practicing in the process tracking «Kursk» training torpedo attack case released combat torpedo. Wanting to warn «Kursk», she began sending sonar file, but to no avail own acts and released a torpedo hit the target. Modern torpedoes are induced on the nose tip of submarines for which they are issued. Specifically, in the bow of «Kursk» and the explosion that led to the unsealing of the first compartment and the detonation of ammunition situated therein. And then, realizing their actions, foreign submarine commander takes a decision without revealing their presence, to assist in finding them attacked the submarine. Sonar signals of this particular submarine or another, but also owned the NATO bloc (it may be that «Kursk» submarine stormed one and place it signified another flooding), assist to find a place of flooding «Kursk». With the start of the rescue operation foreign submarine retreated. This explains the event that the re-examination hydrographic district courts of days proved to only one object, not two, as was the case detection. Prosecutor General’s Office states that there is no real, real proof does not confirm this version. In response, an objection can be made: who collected these confirmations? Why was divided before the rise of the submarine first compartment? For me as a submariner clarification SKB «Rubin» does not sound quite impressive. Next: why separating the first compartment, did not raise it later? Moreover, bombed and took the place of his depth charges occurrence. I think specifically there, specifically in the first compartment could find the resolution of all issues. But apparently, the powers that be do not need it.

Option number 2. Collision «Kursk» with a foreign submarine submerged. At that time I considered this option unlikely. Were previously known several cases of collision submarine submerged and neither one of them led to disaster. Although all this damage was severe. Last explained by the fact that, normally, the speed of movement submarine under water is small, and their oval shape.

Option number 3. Death «Kursk» on fire in the torpedo room. Fully close to reality version. It is clear that on board the submarine before it is output to the teachings of the peroxide was loaded torpedo operating experience which the crew had. Maybe that occurred in the sea release of hydrogen peroxide from the torpedo compartment or torpedo tube, fire, explosion, warhead section of one of the torpedoes and the rest of the detonation of ammunition. Maybe with all this, being an eyewitness to the disaster, foreign submarine using its rescue funds assist our forces rapidly to find the place of death of «Kursk».

Still considered two versions, among which sabotage and subversion on a floating mine since the second world war. Against the first of them were representatives of a special department, vouching that it is unrealistic. Assume the statement of faith, the more so in these matters, I am not spices. Well, the second possibility is so tiny that it is being read and just makes no sense.

In my opinion, more affordable versions may attack foreign submarine or release of hydrogen peroxide from the tank torpedo fire and explosion of ammunition. But in any of these cases in the near death of the «Kursk» was present foreign submarine. Only in one case, it seems to be bathed his guilt, enabling faster to find emergency submarine and faster to help her, and in another, being an eyewitness to the disaster has had a selfless assistance and assist in establishing clear the crash site. But in both cases, foreign submarines operated covertly. Many years later, my opinion about the causes of the disaster has changed.

Conclusions were made

So why was the probable death of our submarine? I must say that in the history of the submarine fleet of Russia and the USSR killed five submarines (one of them was raised to the surface and put into repair). The U.S. lost two nuclear submarines. But the Americans did the right conclusions. And for more than 30 years, they were not underwater disasters. And what did we have? Unfortunately, we do not have. After the death of the nuclear submarine «Komsomolets» in April 1989, a number of measures to prevent similar cases. But he did not want the results cited. There was a valid and effective and long-running activities, which, if not prevented, it significantly reduce the possibility of accidents on submarines. That’s why you need to understand the causes of the disaster underwater to avoid this in the future, so that destruction of our submariners were not in vain.

If we imagine that «Kursk» was attacked by a foreign submarine, what still has not been made by us and contributed to his death? And that’s what. Now submarines of the Russian Navy lacks an effective and modern system of torpedo protection. Currently, the situation is followed properly. If you take approximately similar in their tactical and technical features of the submarines of the Russian Navy and the U.S. Navy that produced torpedo firing on each other, the Americans shot and fall, and we shoot and with great probability modicum misses. Why so? It’s very simple. Do the Yankees have modern armed torpedo compact means of protection, which are controlled by diverting torpedoes from a submarine. And our tools are designed to protect the torpedo 50 years of the last century and they can not take not only foreign torpedoes, and their. Even in difficult RF for 90 years did not represent a huge work to create and adopt modern torpedo defense (since it does not ask for huge real costs). Why not indicated was made, not clear to me. If it came out that at times would increase the sustainability of our military submarines, and in case of conflict could be saved the lives of hundreds of submariners. I think that such acts must specifically name the true military reform.

But there are other prerequisites. Among them, the highest noise level of our submarines and insufficient detection range of foreign submarine sonar our submarine. They say about it and write for decades, but not enough that changes. After all, in an underwater duel who first found, first applied the instrument, he is defeated. It turns out that the leaders (both political and military) are sent in advance to the destruction crews Russian submarines. First — out of ignorance, the second, if it heads districts, which currently are subject to fleets, too ignorantly and naval control — as he gave the order. Tsushima cook!

These are not empty words. After all, look at what is currently happening with the torpedo weapon. Most new torpedoes, was in service, developed in the 80s of the last century. New tool could experience can not, not to mention its serial production. A The old tool, not create, and is, morally outdated, obsolete, and on the physical level. This torpedo instrument must not be operated because submarines are a half-empty torpedo tubes. But the most exciting in the other. Even if you covet at the moment to create a new instrument or a new torpedo The old (in other words obsolete), then it will have nowhere to do. Plants such no longer exists. Threw them abroad, privatized, pilfered, fired professionals. And this is only a small part of what was done to the Navy. After all, the last 25 years he did not develop, and destroyed: it faster, then slower, but especially rapidly — with Serdyukov.

And the main question may be a repeat of situations similar catastrophe «Kursk», I sadly have to answer in the affirmative. According to the latest least on our part not made anything, so it did not work. Americans from their own level of 2000 in matters of naval gun stepped forward, and we retreated from its own level. And the gap between us since that time only increased. How to send our children into the sea? Need to be addressed are super to reverse the situation and reduce the backlog. But I fear that with all these reforms are already doing this to some.

Vladimir Korjavin,
Rear Admiral, Deputy Head of training submarines UBP SF (2000)

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