L.Petsina: In social policy declarations more than Affairs

For the third and subsequent kid him the government pays a lump sum 557 thousand rubles — this three budgets subsistence.
For comparison: the moderate buggy at the Minsk market "Zhdanovichi" worth half that amount.
To assist small to large families, deputies of local councils in Soligorsk, Zhlobin Novapolatsk also in Mogilev showed initiative and local budgets immediately pay an additional monetary assistance.
Sum surcharge regions — from 150 thousand rubles (Such as, for example, Zhlobin) to 750 thousand (a Mahiliou). But even such assistance at the moment to be cut.
In These days are official propaganda knows a lot about the decree Alexander Lukashenko Number 585 on the money to support young families and families who are building their own or get home. Average allowance — 4,000,000 rubles. This market price of 1 square meter of housing in Minsk.
Commented Chairman public associations "Women is independent democratic movement" Lyudmila Petina:
"We were paid a lot of large families had read about, that all these promises of social protection turn into a mere declaration. First, people may not realize this system, because it is very complicated and does not work.
When people go to the proper authorities, it does not actually get some assistance. As in all social policy, there is more declarations than a particular case. "
I should add that according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, in Belarus at the moment more than 525 thousand kids living with their parents, need monetary assistance for food and odezhku.

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