L. Zaika: 7000000000 can be gone pretty quickly

He compared that mon "Gazprom" has fallen by 24%, Norilsk "Nickel" — 40%, and that 10’s, hundreds of billions of dollars.
"I do not think there has begun a process of collapse of the monetary system of Belarus. Although at least some decrease in cash reserves — always a nasty little thing. There cyclic reduction can be made any payment. Especially with the Russians, where we have more imbalance 8 billion figure is really harsh.
And as the global financial crisis, he will come to us in a nasty way. And not through a reduction in cash reserves. Most likely, it will come in the form of deteriorating position of Belarusian banks. And probably the stress associated with the ability of banks to meet its obligations. In particular, before the population.
The Germans did well. On the days of Chancellor and Head Bundesbanku said that they guarantee the safety of deposits. In

World money crisis will come to us in the form of nasty …

Belarus somewhere around 7 billion dollars of savings in banks, and this was necessary to declare. And here we are 8 billion is not paid the bills Russian companies and the population — 7 billion, and it can disappear pretty quickly. Because doing diagnostics global financial crisis and to link it with the decrease of cash reserves, I think it’s not the most worthy intellectual operation. Since more difficult situation is created every day in the foreign location.
While I do not see any harsh action by the monetary authorities and the management of Belarus, who uttered to that will do and that guarantee. For example, as Frau Merkel. While there are Russian claims that everything will be fine and we stand. Nothing of the sort! Putin arrived in Minsk, negotiated, and at this moment the assets of "Gazprom" declined by 24%. And if I manage the country was an economist, he would ask Putin: the cost of "Gazprom" has decreased, coupled with or without gas? When coupled with the gas, then 24% will pay less. "
Reporter: "And what would you recommend to the citizens of Belarus who have deposits in banks?"
"To the president resigned and the government fell, to say:" Go to the bank and take away their money. "And there is no need or no elections

…Bucks — is the most valuable thing they can now be …

opposition. After two or three a day or in Belarus will experience economic chaos. Organize such chaos — this case not the most attractive for the economist. Because I would have asked investors not to withdraw any funds. After all, the most severe problem that appears at this point in the criteria of the global financial crisis — it is confidence in the banking system. That did not trust the British their banks — and banks have chosen to secure destruction. And at the moment, all the ministers of money and bank executives fear that the population has not gone to withdraw their funds. After all, even in the best economy of the country then there is nothing left after a day or two or three. I also think that the Bucks — is the most valuable that now there may be. After all, the dollar becomes more expensive. I also advise not to rush somewhere to invest. No panic. "
Reporter: "Yesterday, speaking to the KGB, Alexander Lukashenko said:" I wish to ask a question "conscious" of the intelligentsia. Who was right: Lukashenka’s own security policy orientation of the economy and the normal pattern of development — or those leaders who call themselves "marketeers"? "Say, now in the world" for a penny you can buy excellent modern enterprise. "He also said:" I think the West is rapidly opamyatuyutsya and will keep its national wealth in the hands of the country, as we always keep it. "How do you feel about these statements ? "
"Fact, that spring and autumn many politicians observed phenomena associated with the growth of self-affirmation.
In-2, Lukashenko addressed the major, lieutenant colonel, a KGB colonel. This people are quite materialistic and educated. In order to assure them than either, and he’s read about the election — and read so that even the youngest lieutenant inside was loud laughter.
Now with regard to the so-called chosen materialistic model in which the money market is evil. Say, for a penny can buy the company. All this verbal reinforcement is not tenable. Economy develops impartial laws and nobody asks Lukashenko or Zaiki how to form the market.
Belarus must be highly developed market for all parts — and the market supplies, market funds and money market. This is normal, and it gives the possibility to use different tools.
Because here is built on arguments Lukashenko vsprynyatstsi today’s market, the modern world economy through the village, "the ground" approach. This is the result of Marxist education, which was prepared by representatives of the authorities, including the control of Belarus. So says the president — well, check see.
And in-2, no regional economy, we have not invented and can not invent. What is currently happening to us — we just

…we just spekulyuem Russian oil and live with great prices for petroleum products, sell …

spekulyuem Russian oil and live with great prices on petroleum products sell. That’s all.
And the fact that the president read, it can be read at a meeting of the elderly. And if you read masterful, if you take the assessment of the prospects of the global market dynamics, public markets, I would have said that the findings should be done. And the first conclusion — we need to make currency reform, lower zmyastovnasts means a thousand times. In-2, we have the opportunity, as in China, to make the Belarusian ruble gold, go to the gold content of the ruble. Here it should be done, but for some reason they say about it. It’s so hard do. This operation is not verbal, but rather complicated, economic, strategic action. "
Reporter: "But Alexander Lukashenko had in mind, they say, look, what we are prepared for the global crisis …"
"Well, no. Because the company is in the hands of the country, you can think of it, that the government does not aperyrue means, and writes some papers. Indeed, the global monetary crisis was formed specifically motivated razdimannya real estate market. And when the property was worth 3-5 thousand dollars, all rushed to invest their savings in real estate. And then the government nothing was able to do. Where was Prime Minister and all the others, if we square meter cost $ 500 in 2000, and at the moment it is worth two thousand dollars? Where were they? In the hands of the country, but so what? That they have created? That this is not razdimavsya estate bubble?
Well, Tractor Plant is in the hands of the country. So what? And all went to the crisis processes sector mortgage and real estate. And property Belarusian Belarusian apartments rose in price as well as in New York. And where was the government? It’s just a complete misunderstanding of the situation. And it’s the middle of advisers, I think in the near future become more silly people. "

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