Law on advertising: tobacco — on the trash, beer — the reservation

Now prime time (18.00-20.00) advertising is less than 20 minutes for an hour. With all this sound marketing rollers reduce, not to scare people in the pauses. But producers of beer, medicines, tobacco expects not the best time of their ads will significantly limited. Get on the air and on the pages of newspapers even few can.
Also streamlined the role of the Belarusian people in advertising Belarusian products. This review is the same criticism of Alexander Lukashenko, who outraged "filthy Frenchwoman" for marketing billboards. Belarusian manufacturers of products during the creation of a marketing video should only use the services of Belarusian directors, cameramen and actors. Can not be ordered such Pulley outside the country.
How to find the experts at more tangible new law "On Advertising" banging on tobacco manufacturers, soft drinks (spirits had earlier taken outside the boundaries of electric and print media) are also medicines that sell prescription.
N.Dudko "Law banging, but not destroy"
If cigarette brands on display literally live the last months (from January 1, 2008 tobacco advertising is prohibited in general), the beer brewery candidacy still left.
Soft drinks will not be advertising from six in the morning to eight in the evening on television. The ban will also affect beer advertising in the subway, train stations and airports.
How to reach the consumer in the new criteria? That outlook CEO Minsk Brewery "Olivariya" Nicholas Dudka:
"Naturally, we were hit by restrictions, but marketing, if read on television, still remained because will work in designated limits.
With regard to other issues — outdoor advertising, etc. — Then we have to consider the effect of, for example, from sponsorship, to collect information.
And even then try again vorachivatsya to this issue at the facts: that eventually we got that received government and that received by those who could not count on anything from this law. But of course, the main here — if the ban and work, does not work everywhere.
And although that is accepted, it is difficult to change, but we do not exclude 100% of any possible options for the future. In the meantime, all the information, of course, we will consider and prepare it for consideration. "
The new law prohibits the free distribute for marketing purposes spirits and provide drinks as prizes of more than 5 l ..
P.Papyalushka "Law copied mechanically"
Do expect advertisers, after Innovation wanting to promote their own product would be less?
On this question meets CEO of marketing agency "Starcom MediaVest Group Belarus" Peter Popiełuszko:
"At the present day this law advertisers are not satisfied with certain restrictions related to advertising beer, limiting broadcasts — in other words, advertising on television. Restrictions in certain sectors, first regards medical drugs, etc.
We are not satisfied with today’s version of the law, because many restrictive rules introduced by analogy with the adjacent markets, but for all that they do not take into account the development dimension of our market.
When we express our concern about alcoholism, then, sorry, we have the same consumption of beer per capita of approximately 30 l .. In Russia — 70-80, in the Baltic States — 100 l redundant., And in Germany in general 100 fiftieth
But — as they do not develop alcoholism beer! So how other social causes deterrence does not allow young people intoxicated walking down the street or raspivats it near schools, what’s happening with us. And This is the meaninge restriction on advertising does not solve the difficulties. "
On the positive side of the new law "On Advertising" that can entertain sports fans, which in time not only live event, and during the transmission records exempt from marketing pauses — all advertising is transferred to a break.
Can not be interrupted with commercials meeting state significance and bureaucrats forbade decorate the walls with posters of marketing images.

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