Lenin era in Polotsk

Total Nicholas Pancrate collected more than 2-thousand sculptures of Lenin: various sizes and made of various materials — bronze, plaster, terra cotta. Time when the image of Lenin on the subject of sacred steel object collector, passed a little. Yet, by collector, unique images of Lenin now hard to find. And the acquisition of pulls or small funds. We asked the emperor Pankrat: who help him gather a collection?
Collector Nicholas Pancrate
(Pancrate :) "It helps me in everything and support my wife. If my wife did not support, none of this would not have."
Exposure bears the title "The era of Lenin." Naturally, we could not help but ask: is not a supporter of the collector of the communist idea?
(Pancrate :) "I’m not a politician, I’m a collector. Available then the people who do this. We, as a collector, will keep the memory of the time in which lived . "
Exposure — and this is only part of the collected collection — located on the ground floor of the house. In Lately for this purpose will be used and second floor. Soon in the yard any huge busts leader.
Museum "Era of Lenin" in Polotsk
By the way, not so long ago in Dryse stretched Dvina monument of Stalin. Sovereign Pancrate plans vplishchyts in Leninist system and the "father of nations."
(Pancrate :) "In principle, it is not mine. It Belarusian people. Long as I live, my kids and I will do it. "
Collector in his own answers lyapidarnym was not said, what cost him the business personal museum. Meanwhile, according to the testimony of friends to convert your home into a museum, Nikolai Pankratov had to fall into debt. Davneshny reads each collector Sergei Polyakov:
"As for assistance, it actually helps nobody. Help only great people, colleagues. A as for collection of exhibits is his personal initiative, his personal funds, his personal time. And well, that all these components are in it. Collection he had gathered, is unique. "
Such Leninist goals in more than 400 pieces ekpazytsyi
The museum is located on the street Kotovskogo 18 and runs every Saturday and shtonyadelyu. Entrance, as evidenced by the sign, free. On the same plate placed word Kupala: Start collecting grain to grain, Former level thoughts revive, To life in a new way and started Sevbo latest start.

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