Leonid Mindlin: Belarusian videasamvydavetstva inhibited audience

Ulitenok: "What is videasamvydavetstva Belarusian criteria?"
Mindlin: "The first time we came across it when done with Yuri Khaschevatsky movie" Ordinary President ". 10 years ago in Belarus was about 800 thousand tape. "
Ulitenok: "Now in general such statistics do not look …"
Mindlin: "At the moment, added computers, satellite TV, DVD — a whole lot easier!"
Ulitenok: "A self-published products?"
Mindlin, "Well, who is not sufficiently engaged to her … Although our law there is no crime — special permission to reproduce, which licenses are not required. Maybe no desire can be — resources …"
Ulitenok: "… qualifications …"
Mindlin: "Yes, although there are very good examples. Say filmmaking men from the newspaper" New Releases. "She did form absurdist films, but known — country beheld reflected. But, again, not everyone is willing to take the risk to go so that’s the method."
Ulitenok "I think, more successfully develop small forms: mean creation experience very injecting Belarusian toons … "
Mindlin: "Their fame was just tremendous. If I am not mistaken, it was 50,000 visits to this website."
Ulitenok: "We are currently talking about Minsk experience. Samvideavydat Are there regions?"
Mindlin "Mogilev not a bad team works — over multsaytam. Usual. But this form is very comfortable for young people: light, lively. There are proper people in Gomel, Brest."
Ulitenok: "Who should maintain videasamvydavetski movement?"
Mindlin: "One politician said:" We will go door to door! "Yes you do not have enough legs! Unmodernly politician who does not know how to use modern means of information."
Ulitenok: "Endless, endless websites — Belarusian netu your score?"
Mindlin "Cancel amateur."
Ulitenok: "We had read about the problems with your disk imaging manufacturers and how can haraktyrazavats its consumer? "
Mindlin: "Maybe in the consumption of disk imaging is the main problem. After all, if a qualified consumer, then the manufacturer will raise the bar. Our viewers, unfortunately, while this was not pushed."
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