Liberty Poll: Will the citizens of Minsk on March Soc?

Reporter: "Did you know about Soc march and will participate in it?
Lady: "I heard that there is. I heard that about him, nobody knows. I will not go. I’m afraid. "
Guy: "I march on Soc nixoga heard. But if I hear anything about it and I will be curious, I will go."
Lady: "I did not hear anything, but I think that society should express their position. Another thing, it should do. And in the budget and community organizations it is very difficult to do. There vneglasnoe ordinance to people to maintain order. One that is. "
Lady: "No, we did not hear. But I think it’s better to speak for something, not against it. This will do nothing."
Guy: "I have heard, but I can not go. Can not."
Lady: "I do not know enough about Soc march. My sister knows because she is interested in all walks and all the rallies.’s From her that I know about and march Soc., And I think I’ll go, and with On the other hand — have no disk imaging, and what he carried. "
Reporter: "Did you know about Soc march and will participate in it?
Lady: "No, I did not hear anything, I do not know, I do not have time, but maybe this march and would have gone."
Guy: "I think that I will not go, because it’s stupid. For much of the opposition to my eyes, maryyanetachnay is. "
Lady: "I do not know when it will be only approximately. I know that students will fight against cancellation of privileges, older people too. Naturally, you need to go, but I have walked in Kurapaty, presently Those Days memory of the dead, will also march in Loshitsa. Certainly, anyone can — students and the elderly — have to go. "

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