Life in England: the wages and living standards

Decided to write a series of posts about life and England. Many in the minds full of cliches about life in the West and particularly in Britain, which have little to do with reality. Tourism is one, and life in the country is quite another. Something I wrote in podzamochnyh posts, so I will sometimes repeat

I'll start with everyday objects. The cost of living, salaries, etc.

The level of wages in the UK depends on the regions. In London, higher than in the country, but here and the cost of living is higher than in the regions. Therefore, the percentage is no particular difference.

The minimum wage in Britain 6.19 pounds per hour before taxes. In the month after taxes obtained 884 lbs. Tax on minimum wage 10 percent. This money was only enough to remove the small room, away from the center, the food and a little bit of free money is, if you eat bread and potatoes. If you eat more than normal, then there will be no free money.

Taxes here depends on how much you earn. The tax system is quite complicated, I will not describe in detail, I will say that from approximately 20K to 38K per annum — other tax deductions are 20%. C 38K to 70K — 35%. Then start 42 percent. If the income is between 300,000 and more a year — pay 54%. Really cool. Half the salary he took and unbuckled. A huge incentive to earn more.

Salary also depends on who and where you work of course. Next, I will write more in detail about the features of a career in Britain. Speaking of employees, most of all earning lawyers, doctors and financiers (for lawyers, I mean solicitors, barristers that lawyers working for themselves, IP, self-employed, if the lawyer was able to build an advanced practice, the revenue very high).

Fully qualified lawyer with sufficient experience of practice is about 50-70 units per year, but it's in London. Depends on the area of specialization else from the company. In private international law firms lawyer can get a hundred pieces. But over the three hundred pieces will tear off the skins and you can go crazy. More on this later. Doctors in the state sector receive the same amount, about 50-70. (Private doctors much more)

Six figure salary that is patch from 100,000 a year or more in the UK usually get the managers, directors and partners of companies

Teachers get about 30,000 a year. But it depends on the length and quite complex system. School principals can receive and under 50

The remarkable fact is that almost on a par with ordinary lawyers and doctors get the taxi drivers, electricians and plumbers, if they work as self-employed, ie as PIs.

Tell me what the average salary in the UK is quite difficult, because it depends on so many factors: gender, industry, cities, seniority

Let's take the example above average and see in this case, the level and quality of life. Suppose a man about 30 years old, has a higher education qualification and Prof. (these things are not interchangeable, more on that later) and it is working on a degree, ie a very good position, so it is the middle class, lives in London. In this case, the person would earn about 32 pieces a year before taxes. After-tax net per month is obtained 2,000 pounds (USD one hundred thousand). Now the cost per month for items:

Housing: More or less normal than on a separate housing settlements, one-bedroom flat is analogous odnushki. (What it is in reality, I will write more after). In the month of about 900 pounds. Not including bills.

Accounts (Electricity, water, telephone, internet) about 120 pounds a month (in the winter because of higher heating)

Council tax (Council tax, it is required, the tenant usually pays) 120 pounds in about a month

Student loan (Loan to pay for the university provides state-in, which is then paid out of wages, more on that later): approximately 100 pounds

Transport: Monthly pass only in the middle of London 100 pounds. (The price depends on the travel zones metro)

In total after all these payments remains at the hands of 660 pounds

Expenditure on food (H) about 400 pounds per month. Total 260 remains.

Now we have to calculate the cost of social life that is hike on the bars on a Friday evening usually results in an average of 50 pounds (it's free restaurants) 4re If you go once a month, is already beyond 200 pounds. The remaining 60 pounds. We have not considered clothing, snacking in cafes, restaurants and other expenses: dentist, gym, medical insurance (if the person does not want to use the state medicine), and so on. And they have no or only little money as you can see. About to do something to put off not talking.

Therefore, people generally do not remove a single housing, almost all rent rooms to a certain point, basically until they cohabit with someone.

Count with the calculation of the room. Not a bad room, so it was possible to live and not turn over, it is worth a month of about 600 pounds. We add the difference between rent apartments and rooms to the residue. It remains with us 360 pounds. Add to this some more savings accounts, and is roughly 450 pounds in the rest of the "free" money

Believing that a person ate in the restaurant twice 4re a month (about 100 pounds) bought a couple of rags — 100 pounds, went out of London to another city to friends or to nature, again on average, one hundred pounds (about inflated prices for transport later). Instead of drinking or theater trips can be substituted and the cost of a hobby, and if we add, then nothing will

As you can see after the month when you are active, do not sit at home, you have not left a penny in reserve, in theory it is possible to postpone £ 150 pounds a month, but in practice no one fails. If you go on vacation, it is usually paid with a credit card. No one is almost out of this layer have no savings.

I recall that I once took the option of a professional with a good work experience, the so-called middle class, which can rise to the upper middle class to the pension, if successful career and the man rose to the manager.

Also there are a lot of office workers who perform administrative any case, analysis of securities, secretarial duties and the like. In this case, the salary of 20 to 22 thousand a year. Net per month is about 1200-1400 lbs. Let me remind you that we take into account the net salary in 2000. And since 1400 can only live from paycheck to paycheck, dressed in primarke, and as a leisure drink beer in pubs.

In smaller cities cost less, but wages are lower, so the economy does not work too

As in this situation to plan their housing — it is hard to imagine. I'll tell you briefly while that is not accepted in England to live with their parents after graduation, even if the parents live in the same city. Also parents do not help much with the accumulation of housing. Can borrow, but do not just give.

The average cost of one-bedroom flats in London about 300-400 thousand. To take a normal mortgage with a normal interest you have to pay a down payment of at least 10 percent. That is, 30-40 thousand of the first installment. How can they save the man whom we saw above — can not imagine. And to the people who are lower in social ladder and do unimaginable.

Many live on credit, almost all of the major purchases made in installments, with interest.

This I did not take into account the cost of the family and the child. Many children simply can not afford a very, very long time

These are the milk and honey of the river and on the west coast here in a nutshell. It should be noted that in the whole of Western Europe, this is a typical situation in the other countries of Western Europe and sometimes worse things in the countries of southern and eastern Europe is much worse


UPD: and here's an overview of the post of human upper-middle class, the banker, as seen in the post — also does not clear up, and have not accumulated. all of the comments that have written — written by people who do not really understand much that the banker must meet a certain status, and that the clothes he can not buy in primarke, and then the points

I read the account of the hardships respected sharla_tanka life in London and would like to add that the hard life in London, not only to those whose income may be called the national average. I can confirm as a banker, who works in the City. Unfortunately, I have to write anonymously, but I will try to respond to all comments

Cases in the world capital situation is really difficult for all categories of the population. London is the heart of the global financial industry, and therefore the world's crises come here first and have a devastating impact. Bankers are very vulnerable to endless waves of crises — are constantly under threat of dismissal and threatened with deprivation of bonuses for any reason, for example due to an error of some abnormal trader losses incurred which are coated with lower bonuses professionals

The typical salary of a banker — 150-250 thousand pounds a year, including bonuses. Consider the case of 200,000. With this money you have to pay taxes of about 78,000. Another 7.5 of thousands of pounds spent on National Insurance, which is essentially a social tax and fund free medical care and many other things. This means that the total payments to the government account for about 85.5 thousand pounds a year. Thus, the effective tax rate is 43%

So we are left with clean 114.5 thousand a year, or about 9.5 thousand per month. Now consider the main spending

1. Real estate

A typical house or apartment costs between 400 thousand and 1 million pounds. Suppose property worth 700,000, and we have saved for a down payment of about 100,000. If the mortgage is taken for 30 years at a rate of 4% (approximately the rate is now possible to get), you need to pay for the mortgage 2.9 thousand per month. In addition, you have to pay council tax (council tax) and accounts, resulting in 300 more pounds in a month. To this are added fees for property maintenance, all sorts of insurance, etc. This gives a total of about 3.5 thousand per month

2. Machine

At Bankers are certain limitations on the status, ie they usually can not afford to Peugeot or Fiat, which in Britain are so fond of. Roughly speaking, the minimum allowable car — BMW 3. It is better if the 5, and even better if 6. Preferably, with the letter M. Varinat ideal, of course, it's a Porsche or Aston Martin, but we have these options will not be considered. Suppose we are modest and can do only M5. We are agreeable and can agree on a used peers to spare. The unit should be changed every 2 years. Now we will try to calculate the costs. The minimum price of the car at the moment — 60000. Sell in 2 years it will be over 25,000. Thus, the price of buying a car for the year — (60-25) / 2 = 17.5 thousand pounds. Plus, you need to set aside money for maintenance, repairs, fuel, insurance and tax, which together somewhere in the 2.5 thousand a year at best. This means even 1.7 thousand per month

3. Clothes

If you work in the City, you have to look a certain way. Suits, shirts, cufflinks, shoes and socks must be carefully chosen. If you do not take the famous French and Italian brands, and more modestly by the British, on clothing per month will leave an average of about 500 pounds

4. Nutrition

Lunch each day is about 7 pounds, ie about 150 pounds per month. 3 times a week we meet up with friends at a restaurant, resulting in 50-60 pounds. Plus, the house should always be oatmeal, tea, fruit, cheese and nuts — another 50 pounds in a week. In sum comes out to about 800 pounds per month

5. Entertainment

Museums are free. At the exhibition of the bankers discounts, so they can not be considered. Tickets to the movies once a week for two — 40 pounds, a drink with colleagues / friends 2 times per week — 20 pounds. In the month is 300 pounds

6. Recreation

After the hard work for 12-14 hours a day, usually need a good rest. At least 3 weeks a year it is necessary to travel. The typical price of a trip in a 4 * hotel in Europe, America or Asia, if you go to the mediocre restaurants — about 3 thousand for the week of the trip, including the road. It is about 900 pounds per month

7. Legal and accounting services

Without going into detail, comes out to about one thousand a year, or about 100 pounds per month

8. Transport

To work to drive a car does not make sense — you will spend more time and pay several times more. Therefore it is necessary to buy travel, which costs about £ 30 a week, or about 100 pounds per month

9. Sport

Membership in good gym costs about £ 100 per month

10. Education

If you want to develop professionally, you need to get the actual education. For example, MS Computational Finance starts around 17,000 per year, which okruglyatesya to 1 thousand per month. Or as a hobby can take courses on driving the plane, which start at 25,000 pounds per year, resulting in 2000 in a month. We restrict ourselves to one thousand

If you add up all the expenses, we get a sum of about 9,000 per month, or budget are struggling. But in addition to the above, there is general expenses — the decor apartment, books, household chemicals, assistance to relatives, gifts and many other favorite things

And we have not dealt with the theme of Child!

Thus, to save the bankers rather difficult, and for the budget should follow very closely. For example, if the Bank of England raises rates, the price of service mortgage rises sharply and the budget may well become scarce. That's such a hard life in London, even the bankers, who seem from the outside, so have a good life


After news of the RT

Millions of UK residents at risk of freeze this winter because of the sharp rise in prices for electricity and gas. Experts call this phenomenon of "fuel poverty". RT correspondent Laura Smith reports that British fuel giants are not going to think about the population, as long as their incomes grow.

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