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For deceptive lacquered fronts tourist areas is not possible to consider the real life of the country of the resort. Therefore, tourists mistakenly believe that all live in the same way as the rest. In reality — it's different …

For the majority of the citizens of the former Soviet Union, the so-called non-CIS countries still seems a role model and well-being of the island, where you just have to manage to "knock out Rushka," and then everything will supposedly in chocolate. For many of our compatriots word "Europe" is associated with a high standard of living and quality of reach for anything you can think of, ranging from consumer products and ending cultural and scientific achievements. For some strange reason, even conventional, high-quality repairs, we became known as "European style."

Some very laudatory minded people seriously think that in Europe, almost all, if not millionaires, it really is very well-off people. And this, despite the fact that our people have long had the opportunity to travel to Europe this very loose, en masse, and personally do not see with your own eyes. That is so ingrained in the minds for centuries to create the myth of enlightenment and the last of our clumsy and worthlessness.

Few people aware of the fact that being a tourist and reside permanently in the country — is, as they say, two big differences. It is fair to say that over the lacquered façade tourist areas is not possible to discern what and how the country lives in reality. What's that, and bright wrappers Europeans have learned to do for a long time and qualitatively.

Take, for example, Spain. In the view of many — a country almost perpetual summer with clean and comfortable beaches, warm blue sea and bright sun, with the ever-smiling Spaniards and an abundance of cheap, high-quality products that make up the so-called Mediterranean diet.

Perhaps it will surprise many, but in Spain, too, is the winter with snowfalls and temperatures below zero, and in the warmest areas in winter is still not too warm — at night is just a few degrees above zero! And with hideous as modern housing built with very thin walls and sliding windows, it causes people to spend large sums on heating, and go home in a few sweaters and warm socks.

What about the quality of products — is also a common trading myth of "enlightened" of the West. Requirements sellers in Spain, as in all the rest of the "civilized" world, was at the forefront, and everyone here is grown almost breaks down in green, and "communicated" to the mature and presentation using a variety of tricks, such as treatment with various gases and chemicals. The quality of fish grown on special farms, too, leaves much to be desired, as its forage to feed the country, which consists of vitamins, hormones, soybeans and beef from other fish, antibiotics and pesticides. As for the smiles, the reasons to smile from the Spaniards is becoming smaller.

The country is almost crushed by the man-made crisis. Increasingly over it a wave of strikes and mass demonstrations. The last 2 months, they are almost a daily basis. In 2012, the trade unions held a general strike twice on March 29 and November 14. This is despite the fact that since the establishment, as they say, democracy in Spain (in 1978 the Spaniards adopted a new Constitution), that is, for more than 30 years, conducted a total of 8 of these strikes. Health workers are on strike against the mass privatization of hospitals, a significant reduction in spending on health care and mass layoffs due to reduced funding. For this reason, teachers are on strike, the miners, firefighters and police officers, and employees of legal areas. At the end of December, scheduled airline Iberia pilots strike against layoffs and lower salaries. Then plan to strike the railroad.

According to the forecasts of the National Statistics Institute of Spain (INE), by the end of 2012 in Spain will be registered 6 million unemployed, which represents 26.5% of the working population (in October was 5.8 million — 25.2%, or one in four able-bodied Spaniard was left without a job). During the period from 2008 to 2012. the number of families who were evicted them their homes because they were unable to pay the mortgage, made up according to various estimates from 350,000 to 400,000, which is more than 3% of the Spanish population.

In this case, the Spanish Mortgage Law is very, shall we say, unique. Even if you have selected a home for non-payment, and sold it, you will still have to pay the bank the entire debt on the mortgage. Therefore, there are cases of suicide just before the arrival of the bailiffs and the police, always accompanying eviction. In addition, this strange law allows banks to buy property for 50% of the price at the auction if no one lives there. So the Spaniards now really little cause for mirth. Even the Supreme Court of Spain, seeing the disastrous consequences of these grossly unjust law, urged the government to take immediate steps to change it. But the government to change the law is not, and has thrown a bone to the people in the form of a two-year reprieve, and that is not all, but some categories of borrowers, such as single mothers, people in the care of persons with disabilities, etc.

At the same time, the government and parliament are very enthusiastic and well in advance to discuss the changes to the law on gambling. Their interest is much more than the actual collapse of the country because of legislative mayhem that takes place through their own fault! The fact that close to Madrid plans to build a huge Euro-Vegas. The investor is an American billionaire Sheldon Adelson. In particular, he promised that the new law, if the casino will be caught in that "tightens up" roulette, the casino will not be penalized in any way. Just gaming establishments can no consequences for themselves to transmit the output player who wins too much. Adelson also kindly promised to significantly reduce the income tax (currently in Spain, the tax is 60%), but the "American" is willing to pay only 10%.

Most likely, the Spanish government to agree. They really need the money. Looking to the extent that they have promised to provide residence permits to all foreigners who spend about 160,000 euros for the purchase of real estate, because of the way the crisis in the construction and mass evictions in Spain has accumulated a huge amount. The Spanish government is concerned about excessively in order to send signals to the prosperity and stability of world markets, so as not to introduce them to panic and nervousness, and meet the requirements of the EU to continue to receive subsidies from him. Unfortunately, to send similar signals to the people, it does not want, but it requires to tighten their belts, so that it can continue its policy of austerity, the implementation of which requires the EU from him. Although, in contrast to the Russian people, as long as the Spaniards did not directly say "do not confuse democracy with prosperity", but in every way it is shown on the case.

That's what tells about the situation in the country known Spanish journalist Jordi Ebola (Jordi Evole). Recently published his program "Food — this is not a toy," in which it was not just about food and its irresponsible squandering a seemingly prosperous European country, but also other very serious problems of "democratic" system into which it is pushed.

Every year in Spain is thrown 9,000,000 tons of food, 60% accounted for manufacturers and supermarkets, 20% — the share of the population, the rest throws catering. And despite the fact that at the moment in Spain really hungry between 3 and 4 million people. The Spaniards have calculated that that food that is released in the U.S. and Europe, we can easily feed the entire population of the planet. Hunger in the world should not be, because the food is produced is more than enough to feed the entire planet. More than anything! However, even in this agricultural country like Spain, people are starving. When it is said that the Spaniards are starving, it is understood that they can not afford the basic minimum power. There are families in which the child is able to eat normally only once a day because he is eating in the school cafeteria.

So where does the food?

Jordi Ebola interviewed the producer of tangerines from Tarragona, who said that of the 200 000 tonnes of mandarin, which are produced on his land, the consumer gets a maximum of 120,000 tons. Other discarded because these carry tangerines, for example, in the processing juice disadvantageous: not compensated even transportation costs. And throw them away because of their appearance was not what should be in line with EU standards. This is because all Spanish farmers EU has imposed numerous regulations, including the aesthetic. Therefore, if, for example, tangerine-EC do not match the standard size, color, or even if it has a small surface defect, such cull fruit. In addition to the selected mandarins give its presentation on EU standards, they are polished to a conveyor belt, and then placed in a chamber where the gas is treated to give them a deep orange color.

In emitted annually 9 million tons of food includes nearly 2 million tons of fresh, freshly caught fish that fishermen are forced to throw overboard, not to exceed the limits (quotas), which the European Union has imposed on Spain. For example, the fishermen of Galicia (north of Spain) in order to ensure compliance with the EU on a daily catch quotas must dispose of excess caught fish directly overboard! And they are caught by trawl and can not know in advance how many fish caught today. They have no right to bring an extra fish in port, otherwise they imposed fines ranging from 3,000 euros. These are the rules the EU imposed Spain. Each year the Spanish fishermen throw into the sea 1.7 million tons of fresh fish.

The Spanish government and lawmakers did not even try to address this glaring absurdity. They — their own lives and their own worries. The problems of the population do not care about them in any way! Normal, sensible people are left to take the initiative and try to at least a part of the 9 million tons per year emitted food redirected towards the needy citizens, ie in the direction of the hungry.

Social worker of the city of Zaragoza — Gustavo Garcia (Gustavo Garcia) — told the correspondent of the so-called food banks in Spain. This charitable organization, staffed by volunteers and hand out free food, which they delivered to various organizations. The government does not spend on this activity dime. By the way, only 20% of sub-standard food supermarkets give to various charities, mainly the one whose shelf life is about to end. The remaining 80% of supermarkets simply thrown away.

So, now food banks are literally choking on an unprecedented flow of people in need. This was in Spain 100 years ago. The demand for charitable food has increased over the past few years to 5 times. Nearly 16% of Spain's population forced to seek help from charitable service. And yet, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE), 35,000 families will not be able to use heating, because they do not have the money for it.

Jaime Serra (Jaime Serra) — the director of one of the food bank in Valencia — frankly said that in Spain, people are starving in the truest sense of the word. He also cited the following shocking figures: 65% of people who ask for help from a Spanish charity Caritas, come from the state social services. In addition, only in Valencia 2000 families are on the waiting list for assistance from the food bank.

A democratic government indifference leaves the needy at the mercy of charitable organizations and washes his hands. They prefer to engage the Euro-Vegas — the future hotbed of gambling, prostitution, drug abuse, fraud, and many other types of crime.

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