Limbo — this paradise of Western-style

Oz refuses to take a long time travelers, but they were seeking an audience and demand fulfillment of promises. Oz confesses that he liar who can not cast spells, and got here from Omaha, being carried away by the wind on a hot air balloon. The city looks emerald because all the people wear green glasses.

  (LF Baum's fairy tale "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")

Recently, my friend came from Germany, he went there with his son. The young man looked at a few days of life of the Germans and asked the pope: "And this is their norm behave or we were at the wrong time at the wrong place?"

I will not list all the things that I told a friend, but the bottom line is that to be in Germany, and in Europe in general it was unpleasant, and sometimes nasty.

What happened? The crisis has so crippled the West that the Russian began to feel for the cordon not "scoops" as citizens of a great country? Or Western consumer society, will need all you can and can not be lost health, conscience and reason and that was to rush into the eyes of our tour?

 An old Russian proverb, "with pretty and in a tent," in most of the world today is interpreted as follows: "There will be a tent, there will be sweet, and heaven to us is unnecessary." By the way in the English version poshlenkie our saying goes: «Love in a cottage», literally — love in a cottage. Western minds can no longer accommodate the word "hut" and "paradise" for them it is sex, food and drink, but in the infinite form.

To feel like a citizen of a great country, you just have to love their country and do not have to compare Russia with other countries. Perhaps abroad have much to learn, but before taking a sample of zamylennye Western patterns, it is useful to know than it is today, in fact, is the "civilized" Europe.


In the diocese of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, it was decided to "reduce the church network" by 53 "unit." Originally wanted 80 — but did agree to reduce the number of houses of God being closed by a third. In general, the Federal Republic of Germany are going to close another network of hundreds of temples, not only Catholic, but also a Lutheran. The formal reason alone — the number of believers these denominations shrinking accelerated pace.

In Germany, sexual perversion have become the norm. There are almost as homosexuality to the normal sexual relations. The former mayor of Hamburg and Berlin Mayor — open homosexuals.

Most parents in Germany are not experiencing that their children are 14-15 years old have sex, but because they do not have a clue about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. In German schools practiced sexual education of children, where homosexuality is in line with normal sexual relations.

Number of bulimia, the eating disorder is in Germany has reached a million people. 


In 2002, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize euthanasia. Since then, every year more than 3 million people have benefited from this right. In the spring of 2012 The Netherlands started to work a special team headed by professional doktoromi that make euthanasia on home on call.

In the major cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and other coffee shops are open, with the official approval for sale of marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and other soft drugs. The organization of licensed coffee shops was intended to protect consumers of soft drugs from the drug-dependent heavy drugs. But workers rehabilitation centers say that more than 90% of the number of heroin users in treatment have developed their addiction, beginning with the usual smoking marijuana.

In 2011, the Dutch TV channel BNN in a television show called «Proefkonijnen» Leading Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno ate each other's flesh. Before the transfer, they underwent surgery, during which they had cut a small piece of meat (muscle tissue), which then has to transfer they cooked and ate.


In the UK, the same closed parishes. And where recently believers turn to God, opening shopping malls and even bars.

The Government of the United Kingdom supported the ban for workers and employees of British companies openly wear pectoral cross, justifying dismissal for such an act. For the fact is, the government has authorized for sale in Switzerland invented condoms for children. In Britain, also took care of the health of young girls. Pupils were able to Oxfordshire … placing of emergency contraceptives with SMS messages. Tablets girls give school nurses. Take advantage of this service can be a modern high school girls who have reached the age of 11. This program was developed by the local administration and the regional office of the Fund of the first medical aid.


Norway has dropped below the level of morality of all possible boundaries. Parades sexual perverts children are present, which are holding banners that promote homosexuality and same-sex unions. Parades sodomites in this straane became public, city-wide celebrations.

The bodies of juvenile justice fully control the behavior of parents and children. The main thesis of the authorities — the biological parents no longer have to be a priority in the education of their own children. Parents can be punished up to the removal of a child, even for a treat children with sweets. Of sweet should be strictly controlled.

In Norway, is forbidden by law to cry, the tears — a sign of emotional instabilityTears of a mother who lost their children because of juvenile justice, the court will yavlyatsya proof that she is unstable or crazy, and will only exacerbate the "guilt".


In the Swedish capital of Stockholm, 90% of the dead are cremated, 45% of families do not take away boxes. In the vast majority of funerals are "without ceremony." Crematorium workers do not know exactly whose remains are burned, for in the ballot boxes — only an identification number. For economic reasons, the energy resulting from burned urns optionally include heating own home or in a heating system of the city.

In 2010, the Södermalm district of Stockholm, agency staff replaced in the message to the children, "he" and "she", Swedish, respectively, «han» and «hon», on asexual word «hen», which is not in the classical language but there is in common usage among homosexuals. According to the Swedish Association for Sexual Equality (RFSL), in Sweden, more than 40 million children have parents (or one parent) — gay men.

In 1998, Sweden became the sensation of the exhibition by photographer Elizabeth Olson, to represent Christ and his apostles homosexuals. The exhibition was very popular, of course, especially among homosexuals. One of the places where it was held, was the chair of the Lutheran church.

In 2003-2004, after the speech Pastor Ake Green, who in his sermon condemning homosexuality, calling them sinners. For "contempt of sexual minority" pastor was convicted by the Court of First Instance for a month of detention.

In 2009, an open lesbian Eva Brunne was elected as bishop of the Diocese of Stockholm.

Juvenile system in Western Europe has become punitive body destroys families. Kprimeru in Sweden each year from their parents take an average of 12 thousand children. The excuse could be "an error in education", "mental immaturity of parents" and even "overprotection."

Since 1979, here there is an absolute ban on corporal punishment of children. Parents can not give the child away with a clip, pull the ear or raise it voice. For the punishment of the child faces 10 years in prison. Since kindergarten children in detail informed about their rights and the need to inform the police about such incidents. And they use it. In the conflict of interest between the child and the parent's interest in the state takes the side of the child. 


In Denmark, along with the usual brothels, where everyone can satisfy their sexual fantasies, there are brothels with animals, where people pay for sex with horses and other animals.

This type of service is also widespread in countries such as Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. As long as there is not going to happen any excesses, and so far no people, no animals will not be harmed, the governments of these countries will not impose a ban on the provision of such services …

 Saint Anthony the Great said: "There comes a time when people will go crazy, and if they see someone not foolishness rise to it and say," You are mad ", — because he does not like them."

Hell — is the lack of love. Then how to call those places, cities and countries where people are fired with the ashes of their homes of relatives, of the temples make brothels, legalized sexual perversion and take away children from their parents?

Spiritual degradation of Western society the result of people's renunciation of God and appeal to their idols with the names of "wealth", "lust" and "well-being".


Today in Russia are trying to impose various forms of insanity, which have long been considered the norm in Western countries. But our country is great precisely because we can not accept the obvious evil as the norm. We can not call sin righteousness, even if sin is allowed by law. Those who do so in this country, or agents, or traitors, or forgot to remove the "green points" purchased in the 90's on sale somewhere on the outskirts of Finland.

Anatoly Artyukh,

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