Living with diabetes — you can!

It is known that diabetes mellitus Type 2 is dangerous for its complications. In itself, the disease does not cause much discomfort, appearing only in metabolic disorders. However, the lack of adequate and timely treatment, it may lead to serious problems such as blindness, renal insufficiency, peripheral nerve, heart disease, and even amputation of lower limbs. Type 2 Diabetes — a diagnosis, which make us think hard to completely revise lifestyle. But do not perceive the world in black and white: the need to adjust the daily habits does not mean the final and irreversible transition to bread and water.

Sugar diabetes Type 2 does not exclude the delicious dishes of an active lifestyle and sports you love. We just need to follow some important rules:

  • Adjust food;
  • Do not forget about the regular and moderate physical activity;
  • If necessary, take all possible measures for the normalization of weight;
  • Regular visits to an endocrinologist;
  • Check the level of sugar in the blood.

The list can seem overwhelming, but in reality it's not so difficult. Modifying the diet does not imply a complete rejection of sweets and other delicacies. Just now have to ensure that you send in your mouth, and maybe look for replacement of the "forbidden fruit", which in reality is not too scary.

Since exercise is also simple — no one is forcing you to chase the Olympic medals, you just develop the habit of giving the body burden.

Normalization of weight will be of great benefit, but the process should not be abrupt and painful, usually excess weight is gradually disappearing, subject to the first two points.

A visit to an endocrinologist and other specialists — is a guarantee that you will not miss the beginning of the development of any of the possible complications of diabetes.

Checking the level of sugar in the blood — this is probably what scares most. Fortunately, now, and this procedure does not pose any difficulty, because you can measure the level of glucose in the home using a special instrument, meter. They simply use the results of the measurements are accurate and displayed quickly, within 5 seconds. On the market today there are blood glucose meters, to learn to use that can literally everyone. For example, a glucometer OneTouch Select ® Simple (VanTach SelektSimpl) There are no buttons, which makes it an excellent choice for older patients, who are usually afraid of complex technical devices. He also has a system of audible alerts by which the meter will prompt the patient to know if he has a dangerously high or dangerously low level blood sugar. Measuring the level of blood sugar with a glucometer does not require special training, and is considered to be a convenient way of self-control. Of course, the meter is no substitute for a hike to the doctor, but it will help ensure that level sugar is in the normal range.


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