Lowering the price of visas answers the question: What the EU could bring to Belarus?

Tsigankov "How cureznay and fundamental theme is visa for Belarusians and the relations between Belarus and the European Union civilian society?" Hurt "very principled. After a set of those freedoms that are the essence of human existence, freedom of movement, freedom to be where you want — the most sensitive specifically each person. She is the most preferred and visible.
This problem is currently more simply and effectively respond to the now very common question: "What the EU could bring to Belarus?" Here it is, a definite answer. Because I think it will be heard, and first heard by those to whom it is addressed. A targeted group for this preference is defined very true — it’s youth up to 25 years and participating in scientific and cultural exchanges. Those people for whom travel abroad related just with Prof. activities and self-realization, what is missing in Belarus. "
Tsigankov: "On the need for liberalization of visa difficulties Belarusian opposition politicians, who meet in the West with their employees, they say has long been — but This time no positive steps have was manufactured. The majority of Belarusians can not completely aware of the mechanism of such decisions in than there difficulties appear? "
Hurt: "I think there first agreed to play by the same rules of the European Union, have been adopted and approved. And then Germany is setting an example that indicates that if there is good will, then there are also skills and techniques without breaking the rules of the common Schengen EU positive solution this dilemma.
It may be example for other countries of the European Union and for the Union as a whole. I think that Germany makes the step which in one way or another degree may be repeated in other countries, which, incidentally, also announced their own desire to reduce or eliminate user fees for visas for Belarusians "
• Tomorrow will decide cheaper visas for Belarusians, 6.11.2007

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