Lukashenka: Europe is not willing to normalize relations with Belarus

"Enough determination EU do — we will sit at the same table, to engage in dialogue, to be closer. We do wish, but the EU does not want it, and puts forward unacceptable conditions, "- said the President.
One of the organizers of Euro Marsh vice-chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich notes some progress when it is associated with the former Lukashenko’s statement, like "I their country for the civilized world will not lead. "
"But this bargain. And here all the cards in principle from the EU, so its trump card — is the euro. And the EU should not think, you pay the gas as heat apartments, pay wages and so on. These prepyadstviya Lukashenko backs.
Because I think that the EU must show sincere grin and outstretched hand, and talk about the need for the upcoming dialogue. But on the criteria and primarily, release of political prisoners, to stand firm, "- said Viktor Ivashkevich.
A year later, as announced in the latest EU policy against Belarus. European Union has made a lucrative economic and humanitarian offers people of Belarus — Belarusian authorities if unleash political prisoners, democratize the electoral system and will do other obligations.
In a statement nedavneshnem Consulate European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus announced that the EU proposals remain valid.

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