Lukashenko greets Communists Milinkevich — their opponent

As the member of the organizing committee of the forum, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Seviarynets, representatives of the Communist and workers’ parties, which hold their meeting in the capital hotel "Belarus", can only meet for repentance for the sins and crimes of communism. By him, society are almost all done in order to return to the soul and human affairs faith and freedom instead byazver» I slavery generated communism.
Historian Ira commandant in his speech said that communism as a theory remains exclusively in the history of philosophy, but in practice, it should never happen again. According to her, today Belarusian authorities imknuktstsa act Russian ways era dictatorship of the proletariat.
Head of diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic in Belarus Vladimir Ruml referred anticommunist forum "fundamental historical phenomenon, what’s happening immediately with an event of the past century in the hotel "Belarus". By him,"The most basic truth" about communism is that it is aimed "against the man."
Meanwhile forum Communists were calls for the management of the Russian Federation and Belarus is not blackmail to fulfill obligations under construction Union countries (Zyuganov), also to the United States with the requirement not to "interfere in cheeky home affairs Belarus under the guise of protecting Human Rights, democratic values and the fight against terrorism "(T.Golubeva).
Commenting forum enemies communist views, first secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus Tatiana Golubeva noted that anti-communism is "the main reception of imperialism." She called Belarusian opposition "Fifth column" that masquerades as democratic ideas and undermines socio-economic situation in the country.
Communists and anti-communists gather in Minsk 2.11.2007

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