Lukashenko has sent a letter Ivashkevich

Summing up the last 3 actions of the opposition — Euro march, march on Dzyady and Public march, deputy chairman of the BPF Party Viktor Ivashkevich said:
"Through dialogue demonstrative proposal from the opposition, thanks to diplomatic pressure the European Union and also thanks to the courage of people who responded to the call of the opposition, this fall we managed to achieve a de facto constitutional right of freedom of demonstration. Exclusively in Minsk, exclusively in certain few days. But , yet, taboo area with Kalinowski photographed. "
Now the emperor sent a letter Ivashkevich Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, in which states:
"Very badof that taken our motto "For Independent Belarus". Very well, that is NOT beating protesters with sticks in the head. Needs to be done next step, you need to release all political prisoners. Then there will be hope of globally, that our government is capable to some changes in the civilized human side. "
Viktor Ivashkevich suggested linking of the Euro and the Public march, that the idea of European integration fill social content. He also advocated the creation of a viable squad that staying provocation.
"There is lyakalizovvats and remove these provocative demonstrations of groups at the time of collection, and not during the campaign," — says Ivashkevich.
The organizing committee refused to provocative actions of the members of the Public certain march.
Why Soc march was not massive, as expected?
Member of the organizing committee said Yuri Khadika:
"The opposition in Belarus is a remote information blockade.-Independent press can not currently provide a broader marketing campaign whatever action. Order that they were massive, they must be organized carefully, for sure. "
According to the chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, people are not yet ready to take to the streets:
"They feel that there is some problem, but this problem not yet directly affected by any pocket, no fridge. Direction, work in social issues — completely correct. For autumn it may already be severe factor in a street fight. "
According to Valery Ukhnalev, social campaign united democratic forces continue — and 16 December planned pickets and actions throughout Belarus. Valery Ukhnalev states that over in the vicinity of 20 collected more than three hundred signatures demanding parliamentary reports. He also said that he began to collect signatures for a review of some deputies.
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