Lukashenko went posoboleznovat Chavez

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December 6 started an official visit to Venezuela, Alexander Lukashenko. Reversing week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lost a constitutional referendum, which he endured the question of indefinite statecraft. At the moment, after his second presidential term in 2013, he has to leave the presidency. These actions are our listener comments:
Vladimir, Polotsk, "Alexander Lukashenko went to Venezuela apparently in order to posoboleznovat own friend Hugo Chavez, who lost a referendum. Undoubtedly, Alexander G. share with others his experience elections. So citizens of Venezuela must be guard. The next time Hugo Chavez can win at least some referendum any election. "
December 14 on an official visit to arrive in Minsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Zinoviev: "I think Putin will block half of Minsk, that people did not stop."
Students continue to comment on the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that he is ready to see the issue of clemency Alexander Kozulin, if that contact with such a request. I recall that the last presidential candidate Kozulin punished by five and a half years:
Madam, Mogilev, "thousands of prisoners amnestied, hardly wrote a petition for clemency to Lukashenko. When Alexander Kozulin ordinary prisoner, why exactly he should write a petition for pardon? Such petitions written by those who, feeling guilty of a serious crime , repents and asks for forgiveness. During Alexander Kozulin political views should not be to anyone to repent and ask for forgiveness. Freedom to Kazulin! "
Larissa, Minsk: "Kozulin should be at liberty. He already served his. He should go for amnesty came this time. If it will make Alexander G., it would be a good symbol. And it depends on him. "
Man: "It is necessary that he should be the these years served if it would be fair to sit there. And not to add three to five years. What he wanted us to do this bandyugan, who pitched a portrait of our president, our government resisted, police, waving fists and thrashed! So no questions — 5.5 years. "
Last call commented Deputy Managing Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), the last lawyer Igor Rynkevich Kozulin:
Rinkevich: "It is a pity that there are people who are not sufficiently informed about what really happened to Alexander Kozulin. Can say that it is the victim of our official propaganda. Kozulin The actions were not of the crime. From the standpoint of morality of his actions were fully adequate situation. 5 and a half years — this is the greatest punishment that power could give his own opponents. And hang some labels, it makes ethe man … it shows the person’s culture. "

As before, the focus of the audience Liberty Municipal election results in the Duma. In the State Duma passed only four games. Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE and the Council of Europe who observed the elections, said that the elections were not fair and democratic.
Man: "Elections held in Russia, again confirmed as the Kremlin spin doctors, approved in Belarus, fit perfectly on Russian soil. Because Duma have allowed them to pass only those parties that in the long term is not able to lead a political struggle."
December 5th Belarusian poet Ales Ryazanov celebrated its 60th anniversary.
Anatoly Saharusha "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "Allow me, please, to congratulate the 60th anniversary of his own famous countryman Ales Ryazanov. Dear Alexander, I congratulate you on the anniversary. Health for you and success in the work for many years, We, Belarusians, are perfectly aware you’re forced abroad, and I’m sure it’s only temporary. was not easy for you under the communist regime. Nothing has changed and now. And the current temporary worker — it’s not men and Belarus. They history is destined to go into oblivion. And we are waiting for your return. "

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