Lyady: Red Army soldiers burned the village

The village lies on the south Lyady Zhlobinschiny in the floodplain of the Berezina. Once it was a lot ofnumerical Polesskaya village alive around swamps and beautiful oaks. Lyady now lost in the sands reclamation activities, "disappeared from the oaks and trace" and live in the village one elderly.
I made the case here. I was at a concert Svetlahorsk, and I recommend a visit Lyady — as untouched piece of pre-Soviet civilization. States still weave odezhku elderly and even prepare their special dishes. But Lyady I found more than expected.
What makes our rural elderly? Looking tele Lukashenko and "Field of Miracles", expected retirement, from time to time raise urban grandchildren so try as enough strength to look after the farm.
But even they can remember something. One has only to talk with them, and will reveal such a pattern of the past century that our difficult time seem like paradise on earth.
In general, the approach the company lyadavskih old ladies. Very attractive and open ladies Valentina and Tatiana. I asked them to show their weaving products. And was not disappointed. Nice to once again see that the Belarusians only two beloved color, which is quite enough for perfect pictures.
Reporter: "Then all were able to do it?"
Tatiana: "Everything. Only this engaged. Winter comes — woven, dyed. Spinning wool. Dyeing and weaving. Yesterday stsyalyu bed. Well, I have the sheets. So smallest states:" Grandma, you did not send us the sheets. "" A it — I say — what? "And the big granddaughter reads:" Alina is a grandmother such sheets. On their very excellent bed. "And now they are silk or what …"
Valentine: "They stsyagayutstsa, kashlatsyatstsa. And this, on Portnoy — beauty."
Tatiana: "I have everything they Portnov."
Reporter: "And what has changed from the fifties and sixties in the districts?"
Valentine: "Of course. Were swamps. And after their Pacos. "
Soon the conversation turned to the longstanding lyadavskuyu kitchen. With their recipes and unique words.
Valentine: "With such … pounding flax seeds from flax. Drazhzhe Hell linen. Hemp, that at the moment addict, then removed from their flat. Addicts then we did not know. Then it was these plaskarey, and now, they say, addicts of them. And we then with these hemp vegetable oil did. Kulaga called. "
Tatiana: "With potatoes. Potatoes dipped in sesame seed then. And relish was!"
My companion — ladies who under 70. They are very hard working life. And think about the question of the meaning of life does not have time. But it is curious that they think about it.
Valentine "Understand that? Immediately live just childhood play. And then for the children already live. And currently misses. Right now lived currently. Babes married. Apartments, cars. And he took and killed. "
Reporter: "And this is true or not?"
Valentine: "Of course not. Unfair even. Himself can not live."
Tatiana: "And if you live? Minutka You calm one does not happen. At night and then can not sleep. Wake up for a moment. Fact that thinking to kids lived. Great-grandchildren I have four of them. A all the same think about all. And God ask that all was health. Does not live. We already ask perdition. "
Reporter: "And do not think about the terrible death?"
Tatiana: "No".
And now attention. It joins our conversation Anastasia Ananevna Lamyanok. One hundred percent give her name, so maybe the story she told, is unique and nowhere until fixed.
Anastasia Ananevna eighties, but its deepest an old name does not turn language. It is very skinny lady with a mobile smart look. Ms. Lamyanok very well for life, remember the summer of 1941. If half of the village was burned. Burned the Red Army.
Anastasia: "Our retreat. Germans hijacked to Moscow almost never reached. That our mother … We washed linen. Ditch on walking. That fighters ran." Mom, maybe you have a bottle? "-" And for What for you bottle? "-" We need a bottle. "
And they are in those bottles poured gasoline in the house — hurling, and it glows. And here and there, and burned the whole village. All mean burnt, and there are many houses got burned.
Our fighters themselves burnt. That was left to the enemy. 40 first year. People wandered who swamp who the forest. Running away in all directions. And so horrible that our burning as well as the Germans. "
Reporter: "The Germans burned?"
Anastasia: "The Germans — not. They did not do anything. Here in adjoining village, seven miles away, there are many beaten. Guerrillas There were hooked Germans. So they beat people abundantly. Young men take. But we did not have such."
With youth on so called lessons memory veterans were in charge of us about the war. War Painting of those stories got up very ordinary and unambiguous. In the picture was bad Germans, great heroic Red Army and partisans.
But now, when the participants in those events every funny day becomes smaller, no matter what the item, heard from certain participants, acquires an extraordinary value.
My subsequent companion, 89-year-old Anna Kazakova, a small wiry old, a nurse in the war and participated in farsiravanni Dnieper.
Anna: "You realize that this front? There the water was not snow-white and reddish. Reads What are you? Mincer. There’s not afraid that you destroy. Afraid that the hands or feet were not. And that death walks … There not more expensive, so stay alive. There’s just creepy, not to akalechyts. "
Reporter: "And death is perceived …"
Anna: "How to update any and all. Men should know that this front. There tree and guts hanging."
Certainly, similar actual experiences can not affect the psyche. After all, how to make the philosophical parable which told me baba Gunn? Or, maybe I’m not very much experienced in own life, To understand and evaluate the subsequent?
Anna: "The daughter comes to me and says." Mother, that’s war. Captured and imprisoned, uttered three people. There your husband, brother and son. And one transmission. Someone needs one. Such a transfer, you can not divide. "
Then, I say, no. "And you, mother, reflect." And sorry wife and brother sorry and sorry son. I wiggled my brains. A lot of thought. After the war, these discussions were. Thought and thought and gave his own answer. Brother. "
Reporter: "Why chose brother?"
Anna: "Think about it. How vividly I will, so maybe go even married. And if you’ll marry, so will the kids. A brother will not."
Maybe it really did not need to worry of old and ill people and stir up those creepy memoir about the last war? Let’d lived in the end itself.
But, no matter how mundane it sounds, you need to read everything. After all, the truth is never partial. And the truth about smoking village Lyady more valuable for the truth about the bombing of Minsk.

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