M. Statkevich: If the coalition against the euro project, the purposes for which it is needed?

Tsigankov: "Forthan presently Congress needs pro-European forces. That it can change in the political life of Belarus? "
Statkevich "I believe that it is very necessary. Belarus was faced with a choice. We between Russia and the European Union. Where to go, what values to choose? For at least some competent, experienced person to answer is very clear. European Union provides a unique opportunity for the development of the country, for an entirely different quality of life. It makes the motivation to improve the country’s elites legislation economy. Authority response to this challenge can not give. In Russia it can not, because most of the people of Belarus for independence. As she did not want the European Union, as it would mean free elections and the loss of power. Unfortunately, many in the opposition ignore this challenge. vast majority of democratic asset, not all democratic electorate completely on pro-European positions. Actually, we can say that the European electorate and democratic — it amounts to the same thing. But the leaders of several political parties for some reason ignore these sentiments for their own personal goals. Because let gather all the activists who on their own shoulders endure the hardships of all companies in the region — and declare your position! "
Tsigankov: "But the case studies demonstrate that the currently grows by those referred to as" izalyatsyyanalistav "that are not in Russia do not want not to Europe …"
Statkevich "How zadash question and get the answer itself. Asked you support the integration of Belarus into the European Union, most of the positive answers. And if you start this question share, it is possible to split this figure. Most — not against it. And this is important "
Tsigankov: "But are not you afraid that this idea — Congress pro-European forces — can split the unity of the opposition?"
Statkevich "Apparently, the unity of the opposition — a tool, not a goal. It must means to win. But if it is quite artificial coalition inverse association — by ideology, by geopolitical choice — political forces prevent us from moving forward, then maybe we need to abandon this association or to make it more Myagenkaya? If it hinders us to offer people pretty motto that can completely change the style of the opposition?
Opposition must unite with a successful project. If this interferes with the desire to please his beloved Moscow Communists, the cholera then need a coalition? "

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