Machala: Midsummer, naturally, loved to drink and entertain passers

Which, certainly, was a lovely village Machala while nearby lands were not distribute capital cottagers.
Wooded knolls Logoysk who call Belarusian Switzerland here in Machanah, Switzerland does not resemble. Everywhere on the hills like small fortresses become like dvuhetazhki.
Only one ancient street Mochansky their natural wood, not devoid of affectation, houses reminiscent of the recent past.
In the most beautiful house lives a family of hereditary machanovtsav — former farmers, seniors Nicholas and Mary. People are friendly and chatty.
Nikolai: "What is our village? None of our village. Remains the last heroes and heroines. Shared our land."
Maria: "We do not even light bulbs hang. We old. We so gloomy! Neither deputies, nobody can looks."
Nicholas: "I have questions to the authorities. Currently suggest cleanliness and order. We — for. Cellar But I have is about the forest. Come clean prescription. Where I remove? Before the war beyond the lake farm father was.’s Where I was born. Remove cellar! And where I’ll clean it? "
Reporter: "And whence came such a requirement?"
Nicholas: "From the village council. And on top of the village council is under pressure. "
Reporter: "Why can not there to keep the cellar?"
Maria: "induce beauty."
Nicholas: "In the forest stands. Them I argue that when this cellar was built, there was a field. This for war."
Reporter: "And why not vventil bulbs?"
Maria: "For the second winter promise. Inclusive as elected president. Blown rapidly, and all. Though you call the hot line. I and diplomas, and certificates and medals — has it all. How went to retire, I was given a gift by a thousand. karamelek A kilogram cost four 50 ".
But soon our company joins another last farmer, old Ivan. And it is part of the Yanka Kupala.
Zastsenak Prudische who rented the poet’s father, was not far away. And Midsummer was a frequent guest at the estate Kazimirovka owned by Vladimir Samoilov — famous Belarusian publicist, creator of the brilliant essay "This win …", the man who helped the first publication of Kupala.
Nicholas: "With Kupala fish fished my father. Here the river was before the revolution. He fished and told me. There were some relatives of the forest. Currently, all overgrown. Wildly go."
Ivan: "Yanka Kupala was Prudishchy. I was where he usually wrote. Oak still stands. He always pause. Naturally, he adored and to drink, and entertain passers-by. And he studied at home. Brought his troika. They say in sandals … The museum stand.’s upcoming boots! "
Reporter: "At the top three?"
Ivan: "They came, brought his exams in Byalaruchy. Bring on a troika. Cooked boots!"
How very different portrait Mochansky Kupala from which I drew in Byalaruchah, with bast shoes and squalid shirt.
Just another person ceases. In boots, a troika, which pours wine for men to talk. Lacking only syamistrunnay guitar and hussar epaulettes. But, I confess, such Kupala I like more.
What were the foundations Samoylovoy manor, you can see the house Zinaida Molchan. Zinaida, which made life in the capital as a seamstress after retirement returned to his native village.
Ms. Molchan life renders. Her little house reminds showroom.
Zinaida: "This is the forest. Kazimirovka. There where he was Yanka Kupala. "
Reporter: "There was the estate? "
Zinaida "Manor. Foundations remain. Yet after the war, we were strolling lilac crush. Trees were foreign, poplars, chestnuts."
Landscapes circles hang in the kitchen Zinaida. But in the hall I met a large portrait of Alexander Lukashenko about the girl in his arms.
Reporter: "And this?"
Zinaida: "And this is my father. This I just myself."
Reporter: "Do you love him?"
Zinaida: "Well, what could be love! After, what I am, I somehow slightly calmer behind him. "
Reporter: "What inspired you to his portrait?"
Zinaida: "I was just curious. Devchenkoy C, with carnations. I was a child, when to advance, then why the government is rendered Lenin — so they hung."
Reporter: "And you renders them?"
Zinaida: "Me."
Reporter: "Not for Lenin rooms …"
Zinaida: "It was impossible. And it can not be. Where to put — you can not. This commission should take. Logoysk I uttered, that althought have to open the exhibition at the museum. I say — and so I have prepared a portrait of Lukashenko. You can not! For personal collection can give, you can, but you can not stand. "
Most impressive on the canvas Lukashenkava grin. Reddish, as if pomaded, sponges.
On-site officials of the head office I’d bought the portrait for the huge amounts of money. Not every day met with such a true manifestation of the people’s love.
Overweight middle-aged man in glasses goes Mochansky street toward the bus stop.
Valery — Russian pensioner, who arrived in Machala from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. With homeland he left 30 years ago. Last 5 years dropped in reverse. The further, the more expensive ride.
Valery: "Young were silly, was not home. Come" for the fog, smell taiga. "Apartment we were promised there. Lived. And back here, and we see, as the age of the village, as the age of our ancestors."
Reporter: "Do you regret that moved?"
Valery: "Certainly not. Up to a point. To Shushkevich. We’re planning to come back home here. A Shushkevich:" We will have all in Belarusian. "A scion in Belarusian boom-boom. About which higher education can talk about if he does not know the language? ugrazhali But here, everything will be in Belarusian. homeland where youth was spent. Currently come — and that was gone. "
Although the danger of widespread whiteRussian language already 10 years as no vorachivatsya Belarus Valery is going.
Valery: "Young remembers. Not give freedom. And that does not understand Our homeland that already passed this way of freedom, handcuffed, in the 1990s. Now open the door — Belarusians nothing remains. We’ll take them all. Wolves, who on this dog ate. And they think — is it freedom! I think that Lukashenka protormazhivaet vain … "
Pensioners and Uncle Misha in the form and in communication left many boyish. Once Misha was the first village on the harmonica. Now former talkers and some music to entertain. You’re one to remember.
Misha: "My grandfather was a violin. Volochobniki in as you go through the village! And now the cottage occupied us."
Reporter: "occupied?"
Misha: "Almost. Unfortunate several former homes."
Reporter: "A Christmas Volochobniki walking?"
Misha: "At Easter. At night. Who bottle and who penny."
Zinaida: "The funny thing was, at the moment all died."
Misha: "occupied the village of Macha".
Reporter: "And that singing?"
Zinaida "All Russian songs. Starting with" Lenin Hills. "
Misha: "Rabin flowery", "Lenin Hills." "Oh Rowan ornate, white tsvyaty. Has got you, and I dried up." And this — "out agriculturist in pile out in the field the young agronomist" … We are not Ukrainians, Belarusians spotless … "
It will still be slightly time and from of old Machanov almost nothing remains. Demolished by bulldozers in order not to spoil the landscape, old crypts. On former farm houses there will be new home silicate.
But the foundations remain Samoylovoy Kazimirovka. As a reminder of a great era and further. And hope to win.

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