Major cities all across America degenerated into gang-infested war zone


The big American city, on which the world used to look with envy, now transformed into gang-infested gadyushnik going wild with the crime rate. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, New Orleans and Oakland once seethed economic activity, however, when the industry has disappeared, the poverty of these communities has grown rapidly, as well as crime. Meanwhile, the financial problems are the reason that all of these cities have significantly reduced their police forces. Unfortunately, the same pattern is repeated in hundreds of communities across the country.


Mainstream media love to focus their attention on mass murderers, such as Adam Lanza, but the reality is that street crime is much more serious problem in the United States than any mass murderer. According to the FBI, in America today has approximately 1400000 gang members. Only in 2009 the number jumped by as much as 40%. There are several factors fueling this trend. Unemployment among our youth is at epidemic levels, almost each of the three American children lives in a family where there is no father, and there are millions of young people who are in this country illegally, and they have no way to support themselves legally, when they come to our city. Gangs offer such a support system and a sense of "community", a sense of purpose for many young people. Unfortunately, most of these gangs have resorted to violence and crimes in order to achieve their goals, and they capture the communities across America. If your community does not yet represent a war zone teeming with gangs, you should consider yourself very lucky. If against this do nothing, violence and crime, fueled by these gangs will continue to spread, and eventually they will be amazed by nearly every community of the United States.

Let's look more closely at some of the big cities across the United States, which degenerated into a gang-infested war zone.

East St. Louis

East St. Louis has the country's reputation as a city where you want to avoid. The following is taken from an article from a recent article in Bloomberg the growing crime in this community …

Circling open sewers, from which thieves stole cast iron lid, Stephen Wigginton rides on dilapidated streets of his hometown of East St. Louis, Illinois, pointing to new directions in the American city with the highest crime.

Here's shopping mall, where a police officer was shot in the face, in the youth center, where in September there was a triple murder, that's scattered around the city of 27,000 brightly lit gas station, which serve as magnets for rippers cars and street robbers, thieves and murderers.

"It's — Wild West" — says Wigginton, State Attorney of the Southern District of Illinois.

Today, the murder rate in East St. Louis 17 times higher, than the national average, but financial problems forced to go for huge cuts in the budget of the police. Number of police officers patrolling the streets of East St. Louis in 2008-2011 was reduced 33%. City police admits that she disarmed and bound hand, but this has little to do about it.


Camden, New Jersey — another city that has survived extensive reduction in the police budget. His police force for the period 2008-2011. reduced approximately one-third. Today, Camden is one of the most dangerous cities in America, and the murder rate there is almost ten times higher, than in New York.

Gangs in Camden have a very strong influence, and in this city regularly children killing children. Below — a brief excerpt from a recent article about the terrible violence that rampant in Camden:

During the vigil last week, residents prayed to Camden just found peace, and that the masked gunman who killed Jewel Menayr and Khalil Gibson was caught.

When it got dark, Michael Benjamin, who was standing behind the crowd — his son moved closer to him — shook his head.

"I know of at least 45 boys, who were killed while I live here — he said the son held his finger. — However, in 2004, I stopped counting. "


Over the past few years due to financial difficulties occurred massive cuts in the police budget in Chicago. At the same time the city has markedly increased the activity of gangs.

As a result, Chicago became well-known murder and violence. In 2012, the murder rate in Chicago has increased compared to 2011, the year about 17%, Chicago and now is considered "the deadliest city in the world. "
Hard to believe, but the number of murders in Chicago in 2012 almost equal with the number of murders per 2012 in the whole country, such as Japan.

And the main cause of all this violence in Chicago — the gang. As I wrote before, Now in Chicago in the Department of combating organized crime registered about 200 employees. That they have a responsibility to deal with 100,000 gang members (Estimated), guns in the city.

About 80% all the killings and the use of firearms in the city of Chicago is associated with gangs, and as the continued growth of gang violence in the city will grow. If Barack Obama is going to do something about violence in America, perhaps he should start with his hometown.


I wrote a lot about Detroit, but only because he is a great example of what the rest of America is moving, unless something drastic.

Detroit was once was the greatest industrial center of those who have ever seen the world, but over the past few decades, the economic infrastructure of Detroit destroyed, and is now in production is almost gone.

More than half the children in the city live in poverty, and hangs in the air a sense of hopelessness. At the same time, financial problems forced the city to lay off large numbers of police. Back in 2005, in Detroit was about 4 thousand police officers. Today — about 2500, and another 100 people will dismiss from service any time soon.

Meanwhile, the situation of crime in Detroit just keeps getting worse. In 2011, the year in Detroit was 377 murders. In 2012, this figure rose to 411.

The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that even the people in Detroit Police say "you come to Detroit at your own risk. "

New Orleans

In New Orleans crime flourished as early as 2005 before the impact of Hurricane Katrina, but life from the time and was not included in the old rut.

The presence of gangs in highly noticeable, and just not enough financial resources to keep crime under control.


If New Orleans was considered as a separate country, it would be held 2nd place in the world the level of murders on the planet. In New Orleans, there are areas where the night just not worth the risk to go.

Meanwhile, the police forces in recent years were in such disarray that the federal government finally decided to intervene. It is hoped that the "reform" will mean a reduction in crime in New Orleans in the years to come, but I would not count on it.


Today in Oakland, CA 626 police officers. This is almost 25% less than those 837 police officers, who patrolled the streets of Auckland in December 2008.

As one would expect, on the stage and criminals took advantage of the situation. For 2012, the year in Auckland robberies were committed on 43% more than in the corresponding period of the previous year.
It's hard to believe, but more than 11,000 homes, cars and business establishments in Auckland was robbed in 2012, the year. It is about 33 robbery a day.




Reducing police in Stockton, California, was so draconian that the Stockton Police Officers Association in one place posted a billboard read"Welcome to the second most dangerous city California: Stop the fire police!"

At the same time, the situation with crime in Stockton is getting worse. In Stockton since April were more than 250 cases, when people with ripped gold chains, and there is no sign of that crime in the city will decrease in the near future.


Should we disarm all? So where's the solution?

No, it only further complicate the problem.

Gangs are not going to surrender their weapons. The only people who would have handed their weapons, there would be law-abiding citizens. It simply would make them more vulnerable to violence and crime, which are beginning to spread across the country like wildfire.

In America we have no problem with trunks. From what the problem is — so it is with the gangs.

In 2006, the National Center for Drug Department of Justice reported that Mexican drug cartels are active in the 50 different cities in the U.S.. By 2010, the number of cities increased up to 1286.


Many of the members of these gangs are increasing their long criminal record, but our overburdened prison system continues to simply release them into the streets. This philosophy is predictable. That's from a recent article Daniel Greenfield:

Analysis of data on murders in Chicago shows that 83% of those killed in Chicago last year had a criminal record. In Philly of 75%. In Milwaukee, 77% of them. In New Orleans — 64%. In Baltimore — 91%. Many of them — the criminals who had served a prison sentence. A full 80% of murders linked to gang activity.


Chicago-based problem — it's not guns, and gangs. Efforts to control the weapon in Chicago or in any other major city — is nonsense, because the gang is a network of organized crime, which extends to Mexico, and to try to stop the supply of weapons from there will be just as effective as trying to stop the supply of drugs from there.

Now is not the time to deprive law-abiding American families opportunities to defend themselves. On the contrary, people have to make even greater emphasis on self-defense, to the extent that, as a nationwide police force reduced.

Literally just that the city attorney of San Bernadino, California, advised the people there "lock the doors and charge the guns"Because the cops in this town once again reduced.

And that's good advice. As the economy continuing decline, and millions of Americans fall into poverty, violence will grow even more.

What would you do if you were reckless criminal broke into your house and started to rummage around from room to room? This is — a terrible situation that recently faced young mother from Georgia:

She and the children quickly retreated to the attic, in a hole under the roof, but not before seized a gun.

The robber, whom police identified as Ali Paul Slater, searched the house in a room by room, and when he got to the attic, she was ready.

Joe Chapman, Walton County Sheriff, told WSBTV: «The offender opened the door. Of course, he immediately looked at her, her two children and a revolver .38 ".

She has released one after the other six bullets, missing only once. The rest of the bullets hit Slater in the face and neck.

Sheriff Chapman told the publication «Atlanta Journal-Constitution»: «The guy fell face down and cried. The woman told him to lie down, or shoot it again. "
What would have happened if she did not have a way to protect themselves and their children?
That's what we all need to think about.

In the last couple of decades, we are fortunate to live in an era of falling crime rates. Unfortunately, this era came to an end. Major cities across the country degenerated into gang-infested war zone, and what we are seeing at the moment — just the tip of the iceberg.

When the economy collapses, millions of people will fall into utter despair, and things will get much, much worse than it is now.

So, what do you see in your part of the country? Please do not hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions …

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