Maria Arbatov: United States — a country of people-stumps

"A bunch of people-stumps, which can be held together only by the financial component and to make war with anyone," — says about the United States well-known Russian writer Maria Arbatov. What do you think about the country that is so actively trying to dictate to Russia, our guests shared with the editor "of PRAVDA.Ru» Inna Novikova.

— Have you recently returned from America. Do you think the U.S. has the same problem in the relations between people of different nationalities, different mentalities carriers like us?

— Actually, I have a suggestion: all sent to America to people returning from there patriots. America is positioned as a tolerant country — and in fact I knew her national idea: "You had no past." It's a bunch of people-stumps, which can be held together only by the financial component and to make war with someone …

— But immigrants are not fighting, they are financially independent, they have to be tolerant and to adjust?

— Talk about how tolerant and sweet immigrants, any psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and even causes wild rzhachki. They are tolerant, because they are thrown over the police net. If you take the U.S., everything is built on an entirely kretinskih laws, which inevitably come across any immigrant. For example, a friend of ours — by the way, a lawyer by training — took us around America. He said: "Guys, I live in this schizophrenia. Recently rode near the ocean and really wanted to sit on the shore, and there area fishing and fish special police officers (there is a sanitary police, there are some postal police, but there are no police officers). And now sits in a police special fish special of fish form and says that I have to pay to come to the shore and fish. "Pull the rod" — says. A fishing rod no. " And our friend, as a true Russian, trying to lie that the fishing rod in his car. A female police officer he says, "I hope you have it in your car, because you understand that people fish there, and if you just went there to sit, you have committed a crime."

— It's the specificity of America?

— Yes, the same America, from which we are so fool. For example, when the daughter of my friend came to live somewhere near Chicago, her husband bought the car, which until then were transported pizza rolls or something. On the car was a small piece of text. Husband put this machine around the house, and exactly half an hour aunt next door (and there is a small, one-story America) called the police. And it took 500 dollars fine, because it turns out that "the car business" can not leave the house. The police forced him to run for paint and paint over it quickly, "pizza" directly at them not to take more money from it.

Maria Arbatov: tragedy and the temptations of America

— In Russia, however, quite different everything is done …

— Yes, we have a different understanding of the specificity of life … Well, what would our man do? Would have come and said, 'Man, it means that you're here to close, and then you will be fined. " And we call the police only when people can not agree, discuss the situation normal language. And then this scheme works quite differently.

— Maybe we too should behave this way? Here we begin to negotiate with neighbors who are noisy … with the workers who work at night punch … Can negotiate, and we can not agree. Or is it better not to waste time, save your nerves and immediately contact the police so that they understood? This fact is something there?

— Then, after a while, we cease to be human beings. This police net to spread out the in the United States, in fact, almost nothing catches. Here I am talking with a man who lives in Brooklyn for twenty years, and he knows how things are there (I'm not talking about Chinatown, no one knows how many people live there, and, meanwhile, only in New York City seven Chinese regions). He says the police not at all. First, the police are afraid. And second, as we have in 1990 in Solntsevo there all authorities hold. Someone stole a purse, we should go to the authority, he decides. Police net seems to be thrown over, but useless. This man in Brooklyn twenty years of living without papers, and his wife, too, and half of the district.

— So you do not go, do not study, do not get benefits?

— Actually, it's much worse, but it does not matter. Much of Brooklyn as he lives. There are Brighton — that, you know, our Bibirevo, where live the most miserable emigrants in the world, which I have seen.

— But still, how can a man live so long without documents?

— And here's lives twenty years running, paying pension contributions, will receive a pension. I asked him: "How is it, no papers, then? '. He says to me that they have one system does not catch another. Says, two weeks after the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 to one of the Arabs who hijacked a plane, it's a work permit. OK?

— But it's still the same person has over two decades to fall into such a situation, when you need a passport.

— Yes, I actually said to him. He says: "I once shot down a motorcycle, I woke up in intensive care and thought that now and I will send. So many years have lived illegally should be deported. But they limited my driver's license, have opened a criminal case, and I quietly left out of this story. "

— It turns out that America is populated by such people here, who all his life in hiding?

— Yes, and that is its problem is. All the people who came there, the home was unbearable, they could not get where they were born. That's such a concentrated human tragedy.

— I have at one time half of the course left for America. Many later returned, but lost time and effort … Some stayed, but with a university degree worked as a salesman or something. And yet again, young people now talking about emigration dreams "dump." It turns out the mistakes of others are not learning?

— You know, the process of leaving is not so scary. There are statistics for European countries, where 50 percent say they would like to emigrate — and yes, it is young people. We have no such 20 percent. Of course, one can not love his country, if you have not seen her. Our country is huge, and the man who had it not been anywhere except for Moscow and St. Petersburg, does not understand where he lives and how lucky he is. One day I was flying to Magadan and thought in flight at six o'clock you some crazy mountains, rivers, forests, bears … And you come back, and there are your fellow citizens speak your language, it is absolutely the same audience, as in Moscow, when you play with the books, the same Russian salad … And you realize that that's the whole machine of this — it's yours.

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