Martyrology of Liberty: 101 fate of the repressed

Now Playing sounds story about Liberty Edward Stankevich, former director of the Minsk office building "Vodakanalbud." He was shot in Minsk slammer 70 years ago, in December 1937. This is the last story in this project "Freedom", which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the peak of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus.
Within a day or 101 heard stories about the fate of farmers, workers, priests, and culture of Belarus, who were shot, imprisoned in concentration camps, were sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.
Some of them were arrested in childhood, others — in adulthood. Predominant part shot.
"Creating such a memorial — a very principled and appropriate case"
For project stared archaeologist Nicholas Kryvaltsevich, who in the late 1980s, participated in excavations in Kurapaty coupled with Zenon Pozniak.
"Almost all of us closed, I mean the story of repression 30s, 40s and 50s. And, certainly, this is a very important thing. At national level, virtually no research investigated the problem itself repression of those times. And this initiative RFE related to the collection of stories of the repressed, and the creation of the memorial itself — it is a very principled and appropriate thing, "- says Nikolay Kryvaltsevich.
Member of the organizing committee for the public commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression Siuchyk believes that through the stories of some tragic fate of those events felt nayvastrey.
"It’s very Cancel action, because while our men usvoyut that happened in those terrible years, then the future we will not be normal. Naturally, you need to repent. This can only happen when people and through certain individuals see what happened with Belarus and Belarus ", — said Siuchyk.
"It is necessary to continue"
Researcher of the history of post-war anti-Soviet resistance Misha Chernyavskii would wish these biyagramy repressed included in the print edition.
"It was not a bad initiative — giving short biographies of the repressed. But it seems to me that this should continue. The information that we have — this is a small part. Cry and throw, so that people from places unknown facts reported. After very many unrecorded Persecution. This list will be updated "- says Misha Chernyavskii.
Cycle from September 1 through December 10 — is only part of the huge project of Radio Liberty in honoring the victims of Stalinist repression. From September on the web page "Martyrology of Belarus" has appeared more than 2-a-half thousand new lives of victims of communist repression. It mostly lists of people repressed in Belarus. Until December 2008 it is planned to put about 60 thousand biyagramav. This will be information obtained from the KGB archives.

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