Master of European journalism urged his colleagues to write more about Belarus

Sam Martin Polak "is not a supporter of tolerance and considers it outdated concept." By him, "Now is not a weak tolerance helps and inconsiderate."
Senior correspondent for the German edition of «Der Spiegel», currently a freelance journalist, writer and translator, sharply criticizes conciliatory Western democracy and the media against the Belarusian situation.
"The political atmosphere in Belarus is very stuffy. But why is it that we Europeans know this much is not enough?" — Said during the ceremony of the Prize, Martin Polak. By him, "It is shameful for Europe, limited to such categories as" Europe’s last dictatorship "or" Stalin Museum in the open air ", and all this is practically nothing to write about the reasons for the current situation. For example, the atmosphere of terror that exists in society, a weak opposition, which, yet, tends to oppose the repressive regime of Lukashenka, the lack of freedom of speech, of the obstacles that occur in the development of the state language and literature Belarus.

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