Matskevich: The most difficult part, apparently in Vintsuk Vecherki

Deputy Chairman of the BPF Yuri Khadika states that the situation in the party "in the end absolutely in line with democratic standards":
"We have a long Time wasand not very prone to competition in the higher ranks of management of the Belarusian Popular Front. But we now have for the first time will run three candidates. And it seems to me that the party and its internal political culture already have gained such an extent that this does not lead to a split — that failure, which was ill young political processes.
I think that supporters Ivashkevicha will work, overcome if Vyachorka. Both supporters Vyachorka will work if overcome Ivashkevich. I think we are in such a state that will move even bezbalezna what outcome. "
Remember sovereign Khadika that he did not say anything about the third candidate — Mikhalevich. Yuri Khadika explains:
"I believe that the chances of the third smallest significantly. And not only because it is still a young man who needs more padnabratstsa political experience, political authority, and since he did not stand such achievements, which would give him the right to run for now the most highest post of the Belarusian Popular Front. "
Analyst, methodologists Matskevich states that each of the 3 contenders for the Congress will be difficult:
"I think that these difficulties are at each of the candidates. Biggest But they seem to Vyachorka, as he was already an adult control. And if the concept of the program and it was a great and accurate, then must were manifest before these elections were called.
Well, and certainly easier situation Michalevic. On his side and adolescence, and young gang associates. But, unfortunately, this is only an advance as nothing harsh nor are they presented. A Ivashkevich — and this is a temporary compromise figure. "
Matskevich believes that the situation in the BPF rather complicated:
"There is so to say the combination of 2-crises in Front. Crises functioning and everyday work. Since today saying that this work is no response nor the members of the Frente nor even more so to those to whom you can count as a potential base. But it passes. And even just passes.
But more importantly — a software crisis. I think that at the moment the most difficult things happen particularly in the software and kantseptualany sphere. "

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