Maxim Zhbankova film festival

New example — the movie Alexander Garnovskii "20 cigarettes". The screenplay was written Dmitry Sobolev. One that did Peter Mamonov known "The Island".

Debutant director got into tight hugs experts. Therefore tape released respectively completely miscalculated busy and indescribably glyamurnay. The action takes place during the 1st working a day or. The protagonist of all this time solves its prepyadstviya. And endlessly smoking.
Indescribably successful heroes "Cigarette" worth regret. Some are sad, tired and tatty. Even engaged in sex somehow mechanically, without inspiration.

Neuzh then director wants to expose painful prepyadstviya Moscow? In this case, it obviously late. After all, about the unenviable fate office managers had raspavestsi him. Tape made very Garnovskii like a sports car. Distinctive design, good speed. All very comfortable and made by order of the consumer. But no one ordinary things. In other words heart.

Main negative recollection — South American heroic epic "Beavulf". Another famous film by Robert Zemeckis — continued technical searches, began in the "Fores Gump." There, if you remember, the hero finds himself in an old chronicle. And here — digitally alive actors are computer characters.

Full digital processing naprech kills acting. In the movie, Anthony Hopkins attended, John Malkovich and Robin Wright Penn. But they are not completely understood in the form of computer ghosts. For computer picture is not visible actors. And even seductive Angelina Jolie looks a cheap forgery of sex shopu.

And now — my personal choice this week. Collection of best clips of jazz singer and pianist Diane stolen. She started out as a unique club project later captured consumers of pop music. And in the end, has again started to play music for an experienced minority.

Diane interested only do standards. Yes and constructive actor considered it too is not necessary. Singer stubbornly stepping narrow path between tradition and avant-garde. It remains to see the process. And expect more decent jazz.

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