Memento mori — write a will

In civilian clothes during the forensic psychiatric units in 2002 examination was conducted in 2634 and in 2005 — already 4855. This — psychiatric examination of the adequacy of the dead who bought descendants are not satisfied testament own dead Protz. To achieve justice, they are turning to the court and argue that the writing of a will the victim was "not within ourselves." Zastseragchysya from such situations can be as necessary in consultation with experts.
Testament — a controversial matter
Notary knows one of Minsk notaries Sergey Pike:
"People often come to consult, if a conflict situation already exists. Earlier better not to bring. If you have grandparents in adulthood, their is some real estate and you realize that they’re going to have to throw it better to arrange for She donative, not will. Indeed testament can be challenged in court — and it is unclear what that tribunal completed and when. "
Sergey Pike shows that, despite the growing popularity of such juicy legal procedures, most people feel very uncomfortable discussing the subject will. In his view, it formed another Russian ideology of social disapproval stereotype. Allegedly, disgracefully demonstrate that you are interested agents.
"The economic case in Russian alliance were Straseni distorted" …
The situation is commented sociologist Matskevich:
"The economic case against the land are subject to public law and not tradition. Aristocratic property reglyamentavalasya proper parts status, while it existed. Later, several 10’s of years was a complete mess. And after the abolition of serfdom began to spread legal relations and farmers. And legal education, popularization of legal literacy began in those years. Farmers Western Belarus learned a lot in this sense — and a testament to their drafting was not problem. But in Russian, these questions have become so timid, so intimate that about them was not accepted read. Yeah property, to be honest, it was not. If the apartment was not prescribed, she departed the state. And in this sense, property cases in the Russian Union were not only confusing, ugly and distorted manner. "
Brotherly love broke on sale
In Misha Chistyakov, small businessman from Brest, the tribunal between him and his brother have not yet begun. But the statement to the tribunal, he was falling.
Chystsyakov: "After the death of the parents we stayed flat in Brest. Bequest. My brother and I both had a place to live, because this apartment rented. But after a couple of years. I have a small business: I am currently much needed funds for its development, I offered an apartment to implement. categorically against Brother. And what to do will have to solve it through the tribunal. With all that we have always had the usual friendly relations, and this apartment suddenly became like a wall. I hope, of course, that the Court not to comes, can we somehow agree, but I have already filed a tribunal. "
You imagine for yourself what the apartment in Warsaw?
Another one of my interlocutor more lucky — he beautiful things with my sister. And in order to get an apartment on the will of his father in Warsaw, he refused to own part of heritage. Knows Eugene Mishurov:
Mishurov: "The fact that the Polish law, to put it mildly, very caustic. My father lived and died in Poland. He wrote his will in the clinic. He did not have a lot of witnesses, because according to the Polish law, if the will is written not by a notary witnesses should be three. Because essentially Polish tribunal had no right to satisfy the desire of the deceased in his will. Because my sister and I went to a formal method of obtaining heritage, so later we do the will of his father. But here came brand new problem. winner apartment legally could be only one adult. We have beautiful things with my sister — because for me there was prepyadstviya abandon apartment. But that such a relationship was not — hard to imagine what it could leak — imagine for themselves in general, what apartment in Warsaw? "
To ensure not only their own offspring certain property, but to be measured for their business, According to experts, should review shyness Russian stereotypes regarding concepts of perdition and testament. And even zastseragchysya voluntarily passed a psychiatric examination before writing a will. Legal awareness and openness in discussions between close friends recommend spices — the best guarantee of understanding.
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