Metropolitan Filaret gave Iancu Zaprudnika

Metropolitan Filaret gave a medal of St. Cyril of Turov famous Belarusian expat Iancu Zaprudnika. Honored member of the presidium of the BNR Rada offered the priest and parishioners of the church Ivenets Euphrosyne. Janka Zaprudnik for 10 years promoted the construction of the temple.
On awarding Yankees Zaprudnika "Freedom" said spokesman Andrew Petrashkevich Metropolitan Filaret.
"For assistance in the construction of the church of St. St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk urban Ivyanets."
Temple in Ivyanets appeared on the spot where once stood the church of the twelfth century. In the Russian time it did sawmill, which later burned down. Rebuilt church almost 10 years. And all this time Janka Zaprudnik his wife Nadezhda and Lisa Litarovich helped believers.
"Zgurtavavshy people around the church in America, Belarusians maintains communication with the church in Ivyanets"

Upon completion of construction in October Ivenets church rector Father Victor interpreted together with the parishioners wrote a petition asking lord Filaret reward Zaprudnika Vanya.
"Every time I come to Belarus, Janka Zaprudnik visits Ivianiec. We pray together, we talk about our plans. Zgurtavavshy people around the church in America, Belarusians maintains communication with the church in Ivyanets. Helps us in building, first prayer. Later were humanitarian aid and material means. Metropolitan Filaret positively accepted our petition. And as a result — a merit medal Cyril of Turov. This is evidence that no matter where we live, we have some saints, patrons and protectors, "- said Father Victor talk.

Church in Ivyanets

"Thank you very much Iancu Zaprudnika"

Dweller Ivyanets Nicholas Kukso together with his wife helped build the church and not once met with Vanya Zaprudnikom.
"It’s such a nice person. Very perfectly to our church reacted to our faithful and helped real. We all walked to help build. Concrete itself I prevented the domes. Iancu Zaprudnika Thank you very much," — says Nikolay Kukso.
"Our heart has laid down to this holy cause"

Janke said Zaprudnika of merit through an electric mail, and later forwarded to America and a medal. Janka Zaprudnik and his wife Hope — parishioners of Saint Euphrosyne name in South River.
"We always supported believers. My wife Nadia — with Zhitkovichi. Once we were there with her rebuilt church. And Ivyanets we met with Pope Victor Peregudova. Beheld this sincere man, a decent Belarusian Christian patriot and majestic. Listened to their prayers on whiteRussian language, in including prayer "God Almighty." And our heart has laid down to this holy cause. we helped not only the means, and parcels, clothes, shoes, "- said Vanya Zaprudnik.
Medals of St. Cyril of Turov usually reward clergy, public and municipal leaders. Earlier this merit obtained Doctor of Historical Sciences Sergei Rassadin, past chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Nikolai Domashkevich running the choir of St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk Irina Denisova, collective Armenian State Philharmonic Chamber Choir of Armenia and others.
Janka Zaprudnik born in Novogrudsky county. In 1942 — 1944 he studied at the preschools and trade school in Baranavichy. Since the summer of 1944 — in exile. Participated in the Belarusian Scout Movement. In 1948 — 1950 he worked in the mines in England. He graduated from the Faculty of History Lyuvenskaga Institute, worked as an editor of the Belarusian service of Radio "Liberty." Since 1957 in the United States. Defended in the Colombian Institute of doctoral thesis "The political struggle for Belarus in the royal State Duma." He worked in the New York Department of Radio Liberty. Edited the newspaper "Belarus". Creator books "Belarus on the historic crossroads" and "Historical Dictionary of Belarus."
Janka Zaprudnik comes to the presidium of the Belarusian People’s Republic of Parliament, in the Belarusian-American Association, Belarusian Institute of Science and Art, the Foundation named after P.Krechevskaga is a member of the International Association in Belarusian, the American Association of Slavic, Ukrainian Academy in New York.

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