Mid-Nevsky Shipyard has laid a second tug Project 81

27/03/13 at JSC "SNSZ" there was a second tab is tug D.81 head. Number 812 in a series of six vessels. And as of 12/03/13 on "SNSZ" started cutting metal for 3 and 4 tugs D.81 Head № № 813,814


Pusher Project 81 has a full displacement of 365 tons, length 25 m, width 10 m vessel is designed for pushing and short-term (emergency) towing barges Project 82 full displacement of about 5,200 tons at a speed of 10 knots. The ship is a unique on-board coupling type ARTICOUPLER KVC3545 company Taisei Engineering Consultant Inc. Thanks to the rudder propellers tugs have high maneuverability and simple and easy to manage.

Letting the customer ships scheduled for April-May 2014.

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