Mid-Nevsky Shipyard is building for Nicaragua’s missile and patrol boats

Russia will supply two missile Nicaragua and four patrol boats.

According to "Itar-Tass," Deputy Director General of Fair Nevsky Shipyard Alexander Vlasov, it is a boat project 12418 "Lightning" and 14310 "Mirage".

Boat Building Project 12418 for Nicaragua is engaged in the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard, and the executor of the contract in the construction of the boat project 14310 is defined Rybinsk Shipyard "Vympel". When these ships will be delivered to the customer, Vlasov did not elaborate.

Project 14310 patrol boats are designed to protect the territorial waters of the police and customs operations. Tonnage of ships of 126 tons. They are capable of speeds up to 50 knots and the range of their course is 1,500 miles.

In turn displacement boat project 12418 is 493 tons. They are capable of speeds up to 42 knots, and the range of their course up to 1,600 miles. In the Russian version of the boat armed with gun mounts AK-176 76 mm caliber anti-aircraft and artillery of the AK-630 caliber 30 mm. In addition, they are equipped with four launchers "Termite" or "Mosquito".

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