Mieczyslaw Mushroom: Our homeland and Belarus are now unable to resist NATO

Tsigankov: "How serious is this decision, if it enters into life, can affect the strategic situation in the region? This rutynnaya practice (some military complexes are replaced by others), or still quite concrete step that can cause resentment, for example, the neighboring countries of Belarus? "
Mushroom: "On my eyes, huge strategic decision does not matter. It seems that whatever we had read, but now our homeland, even together with Belarus, is not able to militarily confront NATO. None of these abilities, no matter where they put the missiles nor. That from this will change? "
Tsigankov: "Do you think random what about missile systems was announced nearly a day after after, as the United States announced sanctions "Belneftekhim"? "
Mushroom: "I do not exclude that the Belarusian policy just manifested in the principle of "you give us this, and we have for you then." But if you associate actions and probable consequences of action by the U.S. and the steps which are announced today, they are very different in their own caliber and significance. But we have all done so — to throw, as if frightened, gavknuts to anyone. "
Tsigankov: "Last month, our homeland spends enough confrontational policy toward the West. Then Belarus voluntarily tied to this policy does more harm or utility style foreign policy of Belarus? "
Mushroom: "I do not support those confrontational motifs that are felt in the politics of. But now Our homeland — a country rich in natural resources, a lot of energy supplies to the West, and therefore, speak out so maybe something for yourself allow. In Belarus this is not, and attached to the Russian Federation in such positions do not need to, that would be very harmful.
Our homeland now claims one, but tomorrow it could change its position toward the West. Belarus would later be one to do? "
• NATO missile deployment in Belarus can not resist the U.S. shield, 14.10.2007 • Russian missiles will be delivered to Belarus, 14.11.2007 • "Iskander" from Belarus would get to Warsaw, 14.11.2007

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