Mikola Kupava: So fruitful congress in my memory has not yet been

According views Mikola Kupavy, members of the creative association "Pursuit" of the Belarusian Union of painters, one of the features elected chairman Union Vladimir Savic — devotion state idea. And yet — the closest to reality programm. Mikola Kupava argues that the so fruitful congress on his memory was not:
"Many proposals have brought in a total resolution. With regard to prices for works of art — they are now completely ridiculous; growth of pensions … Proposed to start the restoration, reconstruction of houses in Vankovich Slyapyantsy, are presently just stands without the owner and the house itself is worth the same classics of our art, Alfred Romer — in Karalinave Postavski district. Well, knowing how hard it made all sorts of activities relating to state, my proposal was already at the moment to begin preparations for the exhibition dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald ".
Painter Vladimir Sulkowski believes that Vladimir Savic, has the ability to meet the expectations of all the delegates. Sovereign Sulkowski notes heat struggle between candidates for union painters chapter:
Sulkowski, "even nominate one candidate — Sergei Timokhov recognizable painter, not so long ago he received in Belgrade European prize" Golden Pen ". He was nominated for the presidency, but he withdrew his candidacy in favor of Vladimir Savic, with the proviso that go in tandem: Savic becomes chairman of the union, Timokhov — Secretary of exhibition activities. So makarom, the delegates of the Congress was the absolute clarity — which team will Savitch. Other candidates such clarity and certainty was not. "
I asked Vladimir Sulkowski what he longs to the newly elected President of the Union of Painters. Here is the answer:
"The main thing that he himself lacked interest in lead this case. Forward as they say, — and never give up! "
Vladimir Sulkowski is the wish expressed the brand new President of the Union of artists of Belarus Vladimir Savich. Himself Sovereign Savich said in an interview after his own election to the PC:
Savic: "The program is broad in May. But my base applets — to draw attention to a creative person and give honor creative personality. And all economic affairs must be focused on the creative personality. Case in almost all will depend on me, so I could specifically kept our friendship and bring it to the fact that all of our electoral affairs — worthless. We — painters, we must engage in most art. There can only be spun off, sorry for such expression, people who are thinking about a pretty penny. These people never go with the painters. "

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