Milinkevich visited Bridges, Hrodna activists have not been put on the march Soc

Managing Grodno regional UCP Yury Istomin Pronunciation our radio: The main purpose of police was that the UCP were unable to provide their own capital in the region, even more so they carried flags Grodno.
By the way, members of the party before the march in the capital made a sudden step: Set on its website the information that the police are preparing to arrest activists Grodno, that they could not get to the capital on November 4. Even called name Colonel Chabanava, which Tipo owed control the operation. We turned to him for comment and heard such a response:
Shepherd: "This provocative statement, I immediately for you to say. No arrests have no plans. Me too this website beheld, watched this provocative statement of ordinary gentlemen who wish to build up in the face of police some company that pursues these individuals because they do for yourself this statement is purely for style. No they are not planning to catch and chase after them. "
Yu.Istomin: "Near my house there was a police car with the staff"
Yury Istomin believes that the usefulness of such placement in the network disk imaging was.
Istomin: "The fact that we placed on the web site for the information that we can hold — it was clear information. Near my home there was a police car with the staff. When had this information, they quickly disappeared. Because I believe that what before march of our social organization UCP nobody sat on the day — this is the most important result of the disk imaging. "
Incidentally, when the detainees were released UCP members, they also went to Minsk, but fell into place when members of the Public march already sprawling, said Yury Istomin.
At a meeting with Milinkevich in Mosty was about fifty people
At the end of a meeting with residents of the bridge to Milinkevich policemen came and people in civilian clothes, they spoke, you need to go to the site for clarification. The head of the movement "For Freedom" had to justify that it was not an event. Deputy district council last Mostovskogo Ales Zarembyuk told us that at the meeting with Milinkevich was about fifty people.
Zarembyuk: "There was not a very bad meeting came ordinary people resented rising prices for products that chakanaetstsa more expensive utilities. Also the fact that the" Chernobyl "selected benefits. And it is big enough part of the inhabitants of the bridge. They lived in Chernobyl disaster area for six to eight years, until moved to Bridges. And they were that this unjust and unwise decision of the authorities. "

Do Milinkevich took office in Mosty clarification 4.11.2007 detained about Ivya UCP released 4.11.2007

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