Minsk authorities were not allowed to picket in defense Kozulin

"We have stated pickets Bangalore Square in the park named after the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution and the street near Orel" Dreamland ". Town authorities said that in the first 2-Tipo field repairs will be carried out, and look at the site with" Dreamland "we Tipo will interfere with passers-by. This is generally funny. Month reverse we picketed there and know very well — there is almost no one walks. But passing a lot of cars that we have expressed solidarity signals.’s power and that solidarity afraid, "- commented on the decision of Minsk authorities of one applicants pickets last lawyer Igor Rynkevich.
Igor Rynkevich said that applicants will stipulate the court decision the City Committee.

Grodno: pickets in support of political prisoners forbade, 21.11.2007 Patrons A.Kozulin started an international campaign of solidarity, 12.11.2007

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