Minsk was memorialized Sergei Grahovski

In the hall of the international educational center (IBB) settled several 10-s people, mostly writers, artists, scientists, and public figures. After the non-long speeches leading Olga Ipatovoj, accomplished prayer, during which the names were called repressed writers.

Olga Ipatova recalled the wave of repression 30s against Belarusian Writers:
"I do not povinet. Words in the life of this last poem poet Mikhas charot written on the wall of his prison cell, could say about themselves they all tortured, tormented, mercilessly destroyed by Stalin’s regime."
Dasledchytsa and writer Lydia Savic shared her memoirs about how the early 90’s, when I worked in the KGB archives, pinned its hopes to find in the personal affairs of their writers work. She said that instead of just found a countless acts of burning literature:
"Tell me, write, states that did not, God forbid, it does not happen again. Sergei Grakhovo in his works also read about it."

Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee in honoring the victims of the Stalinist regime Vasily Yakovenko told about the work of the committee and the coming plans.
Radim Gorki, who was at the party, said that such meetings should take place more often, not only in the fall, the other day Grandfathers:
"On the evening in memory of Sergei Grahovski remembered other writers, scholars and artists who died in those terrible Stalinist times. Number these people we are This time do not know. Measure our millions … Only Belarusians, as counted by half a million. "

During the presentation books Sergei Grahovski "Favorites" all present could approach the makeshift museum board with photos repressed writers and take copies of the magazine "Echo of the Gulag."

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